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Camel Case

<Brennen> Most of the time, I kind of despise CamelCase, the admixture of LowerCase and UpperCase (or MajusculeAndMinuscule) letters in naming objects which is a staple of both ObjectOrientedProgramming and wiki syntax.

That said, it does work pretty well as a convention for easily defining a wiki page. It's ugly and kind of dissatisfying, but less obtrusive than putting brackets or other punctuation around words, let alone the really hideous way HTML goes about defining links. On the downside, it breaks in ways with no obvious solution when used for names which are case sensitive or depend on single-letter particles. (JRRTolkien should probably be a wiki word but isn't, and how do you reconcile the obvious fix with a name like, say, Ian McGregor or Joseph McCarthy?

When I first installed wiki software, I turned off automatic camel case linking and tried to establish a convention that pages be given long, spaced, everything2 style names. Pretty quickly it became obvious that this was just too cumbersome, though it did have its aesthetic benefits.

Probably the "right" solution is to translate all wiki words into some sort of universal, case-free format. Or just not to worry about it much 'cause the existing solution mostly works.

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last edited July 16, 2005