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Classes at UNL

Some offhand thoughts:

Specific to History: * Don't take (for various sound reasons): Dorsey, Ambrosius, Kleimola, Turner if it's a really big class (I think he's actually classics or religious studies; some things are crosslisted and likely to interest you). * Don't avoid: Ken Winkle, Carol Levin(e?), Steinweis, Jessica Coope, Parks Coble, Witte, Turner if it's a small class. * Of these, I think you'd especially dig Levin and Coope.

Classics: Leinieks is, um, a bit dry. The experience was worthwhile anyway. Gorman (either one, from what I hear) would be good for you.

Film classes: Are fun, and a good excuse to watch lots of free movies at the Ross. (If you don't take a film class, find a schedule and watch the movies anyway. It'll save you entertainment money.) Also, they probably take care of an English requirement. \ \ ::Thank you most kindly. I'll do my best...

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