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David James Duncan

TrackingWriters. David James Duncan has written, to my knowledge, ''The River Why'', ''The Brothers K'', ''River Teeth'' and ''My Story as Told by Water'', as well as some essays and editorials:

:Wonder is like grace in that it's not a condition that we can grasp. We have the freedom to do all sorts of stupid things. By using our sophistication, our cynicism, our fear or arrogance or judgmentalism or rationalism, we can evade wonder virtually nonstop, all our lives.

There's also an interview:

:You drive up to the PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals meeting and the grill of your car is covered with dead insects. You become a Jain where you only walk outside during the daylight so you don't crush insects, but you start to get sick and you've gotta take antibiotics and there is a holocaust that goes on inside you. You're killing these innocent organisms. I mean, there is no way to define anything as large and clumsy as a human being that doesn't involve an animal that is eating other animals the same as the rest of nature. We practice a beautiful traditional craft where you and I stand on land, and fifty feet away this creature from another realm is very quietly taking part in the food chain and through a work of deceit—a kind of low-level fiction—and through some incredible technology, we insinuate ourselves into that food chain, and we betray the sincerity of that creature. But in its struggle for life we feel its life in our hands. And that is important. Because we do hold other lives in our hands. Fly-fishing, in this sense, is an avenue to understanding gospel truth.

Also, while searching for stuff on Duncan, I found www.gnod.net/, which does preference mapping. If the Javascript works in your browser, it might be worth taking a look at. David James Duncan in gnod's map. (See VisualizingThings for more interesting graph-style interfaces.)

The UniversityOfNebraskaPress publishes a journal of "CreativeNonfiction" called River Teeth.

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