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December 7 2004

<Brennen> When I finish this, someone feel free to tell me if I've gone off the deep end.

<Stephen> Character 1 (Jason Lee) : Off the deep end? As in, past it? But this is the deep end, there's nothing else here. That's why it's called the deep end. Going into the deep end might be considered a bad and scary thing if all you've seen is the shallow end. If all you've ever known about swimming is the Red Cross safety class you take when you are five years old and you learn how to blow fucking bubbles. Pressure on your ears when you go to the bottom, the fact that you have to tread water if you want to fucking breathe! Or hold onto the side of the pool so you can share with everyone just how much of a wuss you are and proclaim that "Yes, I don't belong here. Now I am shamed at this pool for life."

Character 2: Dude. I think it means "off it" like cigarettes.

Char1: What, like quitting? As in, I'm swearing off of latte-based caffeine? You can't quit the deep end! To quit something you had to have started it. If you swim in the deep end it becomes of a part of you, fucking lodged in your brain. When you think, "swimming pool," unavoidably the deep end pops into your head. Followed by girls in bikinis. The only way someone could "go off" the deep end would be if they were unable to swim, and that is a heartbreaking shame but not a judgment of their sanity.

Char2: You take your swimming seriously.

Char1: It's all there is man.

<Anonymous> your best work yet. ~M.

<Labellski> Nice. Real Nice.

<Brennen> I was thinkin' of you, Nate.

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