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February 3 2008

<Saalon> Killer bit of writing, man.

<Molly> interesting. you're getting soft in your old age.

<Brennen> It's probably related to the onset of senility.

<Molly> by the way, since you've been here, is there anything you recommend I see or do in Prague? Or for that matter Budapest...assuming the Austro-Hungarian actually comes here late this spring and I make it there with him...?

<Brennen> Pivo.

Er, otherwise, the ossuary at KutnaHora is moderately interesting in a morbid kind of way. Besides that I don't think I did anything in Prague you won't get around to eventually...

<Molly> The Pivo's been good. I especially like Kozel dark. I remember you sent me a postcard from Kutna Hora...the church with all the skulls, yes?

<Brennen> That's the one.

In Budapest, there's lots of cool stuff, but I think I had the most fun just kind of hanging out in bars / tea houses and wandering around the city. The above-ground public trans is pretty cool - lots of Communist-era tram thingies. Be sure you go to Margaret Island.

Avoid Mammut, unless you're really craving the experience of a somewhat-upscale-by-Nebraska-standards American shopping mall.

Try to hit some of the little bakeries that are scattered all over the place. The bread is amazing when fresh. Also, you will find about 6000 varieties of yogurt that do not seem to exist in America (or at least they didn't three or four years ago).

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