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Fountain Pen

<Brennen> I love fountain pens. I presently own half a dozen Sheaffers - several basic plastic school pens of various vintages, a fat-barreled "calligraphy" pen with 3 sizes of interchangeable nib, and a $5 model I found in a college bookstore in Billings, MT. A couple that my mom used in grade school are easily the best of these.

I also have a turquoise plastic Parker 21 that belonged, at some stage, to my Aunt AnnaMaeBrenner. It's a bit leaky and the cap is a little loose, but it's a beautiful design and it writes like a dream. (Though never ''quite'' as well as it wrote before I took it to work at SunMicrosystems and handed it to a customer, signing for a package, who promptly dropped it point-first onto the floor. I could have decked the guy, but it was my own fault.)

<Brennen> www.isellpens.com - astonishingly bad web design, many pens for sale.

<Brennen> groups.google.com/group/alt.collecting.pens-pencils/topics

<Brennen> wp: Sheaffer

<Brennen> A whole bunch of notes on fountain pen inks.

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last edited March 11, 2008