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Java Script

WareLogging. Ok, so I probably swore undying hatred for this entire technology a time or two. Things occasionally change. And hey, it's not all that bad a ''language'', when you get down to it.

Dumping some stuff here as I look for interface elements to steal:

<Brennen> Basic problem: Two long lists. Let's say @given is around a hundred items, and @new is closer to 300. Many elements of @new need to be mapped to elements of @given. For our purposes, a single element of @new will always map to either one or no elements of @given.

You get some matching for free - elements with exactly matching names, for example, will be matched before a human looks at the data. Unfortunately for our human, however, this still leaves a bunch of elements to check.

What's a better UI for this than a hundred listboxes, each containing 300 list items?

Looking at DojoToolkit for drag-and-drop stuff...

<Brennen> Eventually cobbled together my own widget with a lot of clicking. Will write it up eventually.

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last edited April 4, 2007