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Jesus Paper

I just took a class on the HistoryOf early Christianity, or at least that's what it's titled. It's crosslisted as history, religious studies, and classics.

These were originally notes and suchlike things for a take home test and an in-class final; most of them will disappear in a while. None of this text is likely to be impressive in any intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual sense.

-- Brennen

= 307 Final Exam stuff =

Page 111 in ''The New Testament'', the Duling textbook.

Thomas: * p1k3.com/2003/2/3/thomas * Wikipedia: Gospel of Thomas * www.misericordia.edu/users/davies/thomas/Trans.htm * www.goodnewsinc.net/othbooks/thomas.html * home.epix.net/~miser17/Thomas.html

Q: * religion.rutgers.edu/nt/primer/q.html * Burton Mack's Q translation - Nicely formatted translation; the site it's on is a moderately obnoxious let's-attack-Christianity sort of thing, although as such go it's better than most and has some nice textual resources.


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