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Jonathan Kozol

TrackingWriters, PhilosophyOfEducation.

I am looking for a way to contact Mr. Kozol. I would like to invite him on to our local public radio station WMNF (88.5 FM) located in Tampa, Florida, to discuss the state of education and what local communities can do and are doing around the country/world. The show I am referring to is a call-in show hosted by the incredible Otis Anthony every Sunday morning between 10am-12pm. The first thing I would like to do is schedule some phone time so that Mr. Kozol and Mr. Anthony can meet and discuss the possibilities of a show together.

I want to keep this brief as I have no idea if this is how to begin contacting Mr. Kozol and, even more to the point, if this is something he is able to offer in terms of his time and commitments. I would love to see it happen as I know it would be very powerful. Mr. Anthony's show reaches all kinds of people and the call in lines are regularly jammed with insightful dialogue from all sides of any question.

Please direct me further if you can, and I appreciate your time and any assistance you can offer.

Thank you, Kristen Hubbard

<Brennen> Since this keeps happening, I guess I ought to make it explicit that these pages aren't (generally) contact points for the people they describe. I'm not quite sure how to go about that, but I guess it makes sense how it happens - you click on someone's name and bang, there's a form that says "Write something"...

Anyway, Google gives us this posting with a couple of snail-mail addresses for Kozol:

P.O. Box 145, Byfield, MA 01922

1 Main St, Byfield, MA 01922

The Wikipedia entry is well written and informative, if a bit less than neutral, but doesn't offer much in the way of contact info.

On a whim, I put "Jonathan Kozol, Byfield, MA" into Google - and whaddya know, they've got a phonebook listing. Might be some other Jonathan Kozol, but it'd probably be worth a shot, right?

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