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June 27 2006

<Anonymous> Hello...from another time and place. I see you are who you always were, only more so now.

<Brennen> I suppose that could be taken in several ways. What time and place, dare I ask?

<Anonymous> I've been reading through some of your writings. They seem to betray a sense of intellectual elitism mixed with existentialism. And yet there is humour. They are a kind of "Monty Python" toothless grin.

<Brennen> Well, you seem to have read at least these entries. Who do I know in Bay City, MI?

<Anonymous> Nice try...but wrong place. I did enjoy this entry. And it's sequel, misguided though they are.

Curious...my links don't seem to work on your homepage. Aw well, you know what I was "trying" to link to.

<Brennen> Kansas, maybe? I'm getting wsip-an ip block.ks.ks.cox.net, with IE 6 on Windows NT.

<Saalon> Ahhh the mark of a true warrior: Remaining anonymous and making vaguely condescending remarks. It might be amusing if it weren't so damned boring.

Thanks for linking to a post with a quote from me in it. My ego can always use some stroking.

<Brennen> (image) <Anonymous> Identity can cloud conversation.

<Saalon> An interesting point for someone to make when they know you and you don't know them. I'd say hypocritical, but...no, I'll just say it. Hypocritical. Feels good to get things off of your chest, doesn't it? <Anonymous> So tell me about Daemonsong, Eric. How long have you worked on it? Is it good? What do you plan on doing with it? Is there any way for me to read a portion of it?

<Saalon> I'll answer your questions when you drop the anonymity cloak. I don't say this to be confrontational, but merely as a point of fact. You know us and we don't know you, which is not an equitable relationship. It's clear you like the feeling of power it gives you, and that's enough of a reason for me not to play along. This will be my last post about this until you want to have a real conversation, where both of us know who's at the other end of the line. Fair?

<Anonymous> Fair. Best of Luck on Daemonsong.

<Anonymous> Brennen, I must admit I love your writing. I really do. You've got an ability to communicate with the written word(or rather, the "typed" word). But one question comes to mind as I have perused your enries. And let me be clear, I am not attempting to trick you. This is an honest question.

Why do you write these entries?

Here's proof of my honesty. I will tell you my assumption.

To me you don't have a purpose. Which makes me wonder why you pour so much effort into the website. Am I making something more of this then there is?

<Brennen> I write them because it feels better to write them than it would feel not to write them. And yes, you are.

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