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Kenneth Rexroth

RequiredPoetry, TrackingWriters. The first place to look is The Bureau of Public Secrets' Rexroth Archive. Lots of text. After that, hit a library.

From "Codicil":

Most of the world's poetry Is artifice, construction. No one reads it but scholars. After a generation It has grown so overcooked, It cannot be digested.

The Making of the Counterculture: "Is this anarchism? If anarchism is the realization that the ballot is a paper substitute for the bullet, the bayonet, and the billy, that liberty is the mother, not the daughter of order, and that property in the means of life is robbery, it is anarchism."

<Brennen> Kenneth Rexroth wrote poetry, translations of poetry, essays, some plays, and a probably less-than-reliable AutobiographicalNovel. He was a painter, an anarchist, and in some meaningful and positive sense a revolutionary. He was one of the most remarkable intellectual figures of the century just past, and his writing has rapidly become one of my basic reference points.

He was also a contradictory individual whose relationships clearly got pretty ugly at times.

I finally got a copy of his CollectedPoems.

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