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Link Dump Archive Eight

A LinkDumpArchive

= mid 2010 =

Surprisingly good advice about college which I am of course reading nearly 10 years too late. (via)

A pretty fascinating interview with Douglas Hofstadter

Master Foo and the MCSE

Horizontal Reuse for PHP

"May I see your work?"

Making a new edition of the 1898 Pictorial Webster's by hand. Incredible.

Dave writes up his high-altitude balloon project

heather does more science

Abd el-Kader and the Massacre of Damascus (via)

wp: Barbed wire


wp: ''The Pursuit of the Millennium''

WareLogging: coffeescript - I rather like this syntax.

Don't Parse That String!

wp: ACTA

on narrative

'This American Life' Completes Documentation Of Liberal, Upper-Middle-Class Existence

Bookshelf Porn (via Dave)

more translation wars


The Myth of "Non-Violent Buddhism"

What did Jesus Do? - Reading and unreading the Gospels (via this predictable flamewar, but well worth a read)

www.dotdeb.org - PHP 5.3 .debs for Lenny, among other things

Father Knox's Decalogue (via)

Nate's talk at Google

The Problem

Rexroth on Rimbaud

sane and insane Britons: a guide for Americans (via)

wp: C0 and C1 control codes


Make Your Own Moleskine-Like Notebook (via)

wp: Wireworld

vim: Alternative tab navigation


xkcd: Do you see this?

A handheld video of Wilco playing "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" in 2006. I still love pretty much every line in this song.

Phish & Neil Young doing "Down By the River" in 1998

Christ, It Works for Everything

dc: The Process

= early 2010 =

wp: Lepidoptera

photos from the Gulf oil spill

a field guide to fountain pens

troubleshooting fountain pens

VimEditor: conque - a plugin to run interactive commands inside a buffer

a fish out of water

The Death of a Civil Servant

my new favorite subreddit

npr: ''So Runs the World Away'', new JoshRitter

The Hedgehog Wiki

Gary Kasparov on computers, the human brain, and chess

achewood: on home

Creating logfile archives with logrotate

harkavagrant: Great Gatsbys

sparkfun: AVC 2010 photos

sparkfun: we make Cool Tools.

Perl 5.12.0 delta


About that Vim one-liner

reddit: Pretty much the best reddit thread ever.

contents of this wiki in a git repo

Ebert on ''The Big Lebowski''

JaronLanier: You Are Not a Gadget

BenFry on the iPad

Big Lebowski alignment chart

Rojas makes a snake game

Scott and Scurvy (via)

Why Functional Programming Matters (via)

achewood: Sometimes Onstad is the voice of a previous generation, full of justified reproof

npr: stream the new Gorillaz album

Those darned homosexuals, always running roughshod over the rights of straight religious people.

achewood: on Whole Foods

Blackwater's Youngest Victim

Bunch of phonies.

The Thing About Git

on black string-band musicians

Gary Snyder on his Macintosh

harkavagrant: Mystery Solving Teens

''Common Ground in a Liquid City''

Best. ''For Better Or For Worse''. Ever.

VimEditor: snipMate

Erik Naggum comp.lang.lisp archive (via Trivium)

CLR James, "Revolution and the Negro"

wp: James Arthur Ray

ESR is pretty experienced with god-forms for specified purposes

Dabblers and Blowhards

wp: Megalosaurus

qwantz: on naming children

h-net reviews: Herbert W. Basser. The Mind behind the Gospels: A Commentary to Matthew 1-14

= december 2009 & before? =

Well, this looks horrifying.

freenode channel guidelines - much good advice here.

Anybody want to come work at SFE?

AssHattery and Bono.

xkcd: G-Spot

heather has a blog

the year in pencils

Stephen Metcalf on ''A Separate Peace''

npr: Sustainable Aliens, the Haqq-Misra & Baum paper, reddit thread

the shame orb

man riotclitshave is awesome

CPAN FAIL - yep.

How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others' Languages



achewood: Onstad is right about everything

wp: Nyarlathotep

flickr: Ape Lad's photo stream

Hobotopia and the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats

dy: ''The Myth of the Holy Cow''


on "lie detectors"

There's always been civil war...

The impact of language choice on github projects (interesting numbers, iffy analysis)

WareLogging: prawn - Ruby PDF generation, lots of good examples

advent calendar

Getting current colorscheme in a vim script

List of Boulder County medical-marijuana dispensaries, pot growers and herbal shops

Raymond Chandler quotes

achewood: GO ONLINE?

on Arlo Guthrie

Quote mining code

Dow, Union Carbide, and Bhopal

Summary of ''A Pattern Language''

A new Olivetti manual typewriter for $83.95

The Date From Hell

WareLogging: diffchanges.vim

Rojas makes an iPhone-driven tank

WareLogging: tmux

CU Boulder library access info

xkcd: Prudence

WareLogging: OpinelKnife

on Barack Obama's watches

Why Go Matters

AssHattery: ESR on how ego is for little people

Dunning-Kruger effect

The Go programming language

It's an arrow.

The Auto Rickshaw

WareLogging: Slipbox

Taking Note: Darnton on Commonplace Books

IdeaLogging: TheBuxtonIndex

Dijkstra: The strengths of the academic enterprise

Why do we have an IMG element?

Malcom Gladwell on football and dogfighting - not for the first time, I'm glad I sucked at sports.

best Venn diagram ever?

On Logical Fallacies

Literate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects

Casey & Brennan's new record

photographs by Vivian Maier - some really beautiful work here

"men must change or die"

starting fire with an ice lens

on soul mates

6-Year-Old Stares Down Bottomless Abyss of Formal Schooling

Onstad, we love you, you know?

A Premonition

WareLogging: fugitive.vim - Exposes a ton of git stuff

WareLogging: RiteInTheRain

Morphologically disturbed (reddit)

A Farewell to ORMs

The Hideous Name

Everything is Unix

Bicycling Street Smarts

achewood: "Fuck along, now."

Social Engineering, Race, and Geography in the 1970s

WareLogging: Zimbu, BramMoolenaar's programming language.

Or this.

I can't think of a title hyperbolic enough for this.

Colorado Bike Law

* is Unix

Unicorn is Unix

My favorite beer from outside of the Czech Republic.

The Distinction

Kate is still awesome

Bloom's "Western Canon"

Templating Engines in PHP

= September 2009 =

you know who i blame? the lurkers


WareLogging: LeuchtturmNotebook


The classic Amazon review of ''The Story About Ping''

Kansas from outer space

If you could go back in time...


BookLogging: Real World Haskell

Learn You a Haskell For Great Good

WareLogging: awesome window manager

My current (incomplete) xmonad config.

UCAR list of weather stations

WareLogging: xmobar

Introduction to the xmonad Tiling Window Manager (seriously, just try it)

kr: Mark Twain

How to find a date for your vintage Cannondale.

Did IBM aid the Holocaust?

wp: ''IBM and the Holocaust''

Probably the most fascinating web page I have seen this year.

xkcd: Brontosaurus

wp: Numerical control

dwell & one unit on flickr

Sheldon Brown on tires

perl performance vs egrep

kr: The Making of the Counterculture

TNH re-reads ''Sandman''

MichaelPollan: Big Food vs. Big Insurance

ack 1.90

PaulGraham: The List of N Things

all that really needs to be said about Nickelback

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

HTML 5: The Markup Language

Conventional memory

a morning of awkwardness

sketch of an abandoned combine or gleaner

Tiny Code (reddit)

star trek

WareLogging: Synergy - Share mouse, keyboard, and clipboard between computers. Works across X, MacOS, and Windows.

WareLogging: ack.vim, on github - use :Ack like :grep in vim.

HRCAP copyright recommendations (via)

The Longest Poem in the World

Renovo Hardwood Bicycles

An open letter to Arne Duncan from Herbert Kohl

WareLogging: rockIRCd

Dive Into HTML 5

wp: Nixie tube

dy: ''Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations''

How to Debug Bash Scripts



a thousand paper cranes


kr: The Victorian Conspiracy of Cant

"co workers", Eric's latest short film.


Poverty Kills

wp: modus operandi


twitpic wall - "boulder"

nature is satan's church: lars von trier's antichrist (file this under "films I have pretty much no personal need to see")

Project Laundry List

Fucking shut the fuck up

Some pretty solid thoughts on expertise

on scrapping the F-22

xkcd: Sheeple

Wolfram Alpha and hubristic user interfaces (must read)

Natalie Raps

web standards, noun

International Slide Rule Museum

Brent writes about Gundam Wing

achewood: Michael Jackson died, Philippe

I'm On A Boat

= June 2009 =

Erik Naggum, R.I.P. (reddit)

xkcd: Game Theory

wp: List of fatal bear attacks in North America by decade


London Calling

ct: The BNP and the Egging Laffer Curve

Mark Doty on ''The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao''

wp: Aloysius Snuffleupagus

WareLogging: socat

The Case for Working With Your Hands, Out of the Office

mjd: Haskell logo fail

Never Forget



The TTY Demystified

He doesn't know what the active voice is either

ppk: Making <time> safe for historians (hey nerds: read this)

Golden City Brewery


we've isolated a single atom

on spanish in cormac mccarthy

Sheldon Brown on Biopace chainwheels

wp: Sheldon Brown (bicycle mechanic)


YAGNI Badvocacy and the Perlian Knot

go clean your heart

1-line CSS grid framework (via Trivium)

How the Web and the Weblog have changed Writing (via Trivium)

Konservative Koans

= May 2009 =

nyt: Taking Jokes By Duchamp To Another Level of Art (mefi)

Google Answers: Thinking in the shower

the moment a man begins to talk about technique



mjd on dog bites.




Josh Ritter & ampersands

perl: Interesting bit on Devel::Declare

wp: Physicalism (via)


wp: Athanasius Kircher

WareLogging: PAPERduino

dn: Bacevich on escalation in Afghanistan

BoardsOfCanada">Music: ChipTaylor, CarrieRodriguez

WareLogging: ent

Ruining it for the rest of us. (Read the comments.)

Haskell Platform

github.com/brennen/p1k3 - now relatively canonical


Science Against Evolution Official Home Page

Linus on homeopathy

WareLogging: iotop

WareLogging: betterthangrep.com

= April 2009 =

_why: A selection of thoughts from actual women.

Transparency is Bunk

Why You Should Watch ''Mobile Suit Gundam''

Of Space Nazis, Gundam Sequels and the Horribly Underrated MS Igloo (via)

On torture scandals

dn: The Origins of May Day

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters (reddit)

npr: Visualizing the Grid

Resistance through surveillance?

WareLogging: Timbuk2

Ripping on Strunk & White

How The Other Half Writes: In Defense of Twitter (via)

irc.freenode.net / #sparkfun

Why Don't We All Focus on "Looking Forward"

I don't know from economics, but Krugman does have a way of being right now and again.

achewood: Hey, man! Do you want to smoke?


Dealing with Duplicate Person Data

Fuck the foundries (reddit)

Perl on the JVM

DHCP library for Arduino ethernet shield (via)



Vim regexes are awesome (via) - Much here I didn't know.

Git Community Book

Mistakes don't make it art

The Nietzsche Family Circus

Aristotle is right again.

JoGuldi: The Age of Digital Citation:

:It was never enough to self-train; it was hardly enough merely to read, and visiting bookshops was a way to error rather than fruition. The canon has, until now, been secret, and it has been a matter of personal socialization to even find out what the important names were. And all of this suddenly promises to fold.

WareLogging: mitter


50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice

Eric makes a solid decision.

The Attitude of Anarchism Toward Industrial Combinations, BenjaminTucker

sparkfun: Nate throws some chum in the shark-infested water.

What The Geese Are All Roaring About

Damien Jurado takes a picture of the Nebraska sign

flower lemon battery

PerlLanguage: The value of declarations

"the road to hell is paved"

mefi: Fox News decides to take on Mr. Rogers. Metafilter is not pleased.

EFF: Obama Administration Embraces Bush Position on Warrantless Wiretapping and Secrecy

Al3x, Meet Ted

AlexPayne: Mending the Bitter Absence of Reasoned Technical Discussion


The Future

I smoke pot, and I like it

Their Spectacle and 'Ours'

'This Ruckus is Sponsored by Jobcentreplus'

no romance in finance

An interview with Brian Kernighan (via)

WareLogging: webduino

= March 2009 =

Hunting for Controversy in the Archives: Wikipedia, Truthiness, and Historical Research on Dialectics in the Modern West

The pitch of harm, which contains a pretty good poem about manatees.

King on Collins

sparkfun: Autonomous Vehicle Competition

Eee PC: Booting Debian in 14 seconds

In Praise of High-Level Languages

The Fallacy of High-Level Languages

Suck a Werther's Original and calm down.

Who Really Rules?



"I like your dress."

Jonah Goldberg Asks a Question

Six-Word Reviews of 1,302 SXSW mp3s (via)

Even though you are who you are (via)

WareLogging: Kegbot

Neil Gaiman on Colbert

The walrus has no friends.

Raquel Welch and a giant prehistoric spider

xkcd: Alternative Energy Revolution

Texas Gladden - Ballad Legacy:

:But part of the fascination that's particular to folk music is that you'll hear bits and pieces of one song that you could have sworn you heard in a completely different song. And you'd be right. Because folk music is an evolved music, and like humans & chimpanzees, there are uncanny similarities lurking just below the surface that point to some invisible, unknowable ancestral precedent.

achewood: Turns out people ain't things you can fix.

"This Is Just To Say"

In Praise of Evolvable Systems (via) - Worth reading again.

The Old, Weird America (via) - FolkwaysAnthology


Abysmal writing - On questionable assertions of subjective aesthetic judgment as self-evident fact.

Against self-polishing - History, methods, synthesis, detachment.


sparkfun: Fun With Balloons

Have I mentioned that Chuck Norris sucks?

Saturday Morning Watchmen

New Media Douchebags in Plain English

catch a wave of flavor

"my dog is at it / again"

mefi: Zines!

Dead to Your Brethren - American business, unions, and Adam Smith.

Periodic Table of the Operators

GeoffBerner: ''Light Enough to Travel''

Seed mistrust, sow misinformation (On COINTELPRO.)

AaronSwartz: In Defense of Elections. Hmm.



the saddest bear of all

CIA Awkwardly Debriefs Obama on Creation of Crack Cocaine

Hackerspaces (via)

The Obsolete Add-on

A Quiet Mind

Nationalize ''Atlas Shrugged''

Younger Self

Cooking with Isaac Brock

Remember the Mountain Bed

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour show list, downloads in various formats.

= February 2009 =

dy: ''The Black Swan''

Black Swan Glossary

Straight Off the Dome

I pretty much have to mention How Internet Fanboys See Other Internet Fanboys, given that it incorporates my Clint Eastwood suggestion.

Unicode Unicorn.

WareLogging: New stuff in Bash 4

"you love her but you don't know why"

Didn't we have a bottle of red wine?

Oh good. ESR is blogging again.

Perl: The Opposite of Modern

on selling out

Untitled Document Syndrome

The DOM Stigma

Gender dysphoria, huh?

Why We Immunize

sparkfun: Nate goes to China

"We Want America Back"

LanguageLog: Fasces and humanitas

Phrases and Such

WareLogging: The S-Biner

The Sheep Market

Wanted: Layout System

Fish Filet.

Lenny goes stable

Michael Dirda not getting it.

R. Braithwaite has a really good question.

mjd: Stupid crap

Amish Hackers

Urban Villages in Paris (1920)

A review of ''For All I Care''

BookLogging: Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

The acknowledgments for ''Anathem'', which seem to be the closest thing we're getting to footnotes.

wp: Party pills

hot dogs

Being Acquitted Versus Being Searched

The Dehumanization of Young Workers Producing Our Computer Keyboards (via)

The Problem With Email Clients

the saddest invoice i ever received

achewood: You know what else don't smoke, drink, or tap ass on a lazy Tuesday mornin'?

Plato Chan has a web site. Complete with photo gallery and the requisite laughter audio.

xkcd: Base System. Any way you look at this, I'm still pretty much batting last.

BoardsOfCanada">Music: The Steam Powered Preservation Society


WareLogging: Why Not dnotify and Why inotify

we forgot to tell him

achewood: The Book of Genteel Wherewithal

Principles of the American Cargo Cult (via)

Hundreds remember John Breaux

Louisville man killed in US 287 accident

Inventing Comics

WareLogging: units

= January 2009 =

The Case Against Everything Buckets

26 years, 85 notebooks (via, as usual)

Some advice from Thelonious Monk

wp: Thelonious Monk - "Melodious Thunk".

GoodDesign: Follow you, follow me.

SEK briefly defends John Updike.

wp: Roky Erickson

DannyYee: ''A Natural History of Conifers''

It's always a bad time for poetry. (via)

pa: I'm going to play this thing by ear.

BoardsOfCanada">Music: Iron & Wine, "Jezebel"

This brief piece pretty much owns. Read all the way to the end.

ct: Thank God it's ''Friday'' that Charlie chose as his late-Heinlein legacy text for ''Saturn's Children'' - This really makes me want to read some Stross. (Part of a whole book event, with posts from Stross, Paul Krugman, etc.)

nowhere to go (US visas, Nazis, Gaza, the urge to transcend. Read this.)

ct: The Cossacks, well, they work for the Czar:

:Producing more or less mendacious intellectual smokescreens for policies which favour the interests of very rich men is not an incidental side effect of Chicago School libertarianism. It isn’t some sort of industrial pollution – it’s the product.

I think this is the best ButtercupFestival strip in quite a while.

Neil Gaiman wins a Newbery

wordnet: topography

The ''Harpers'' Index does the Bush years (via)

Design Note

The stupid, it knows no bounds.

Well, this is worrisome.

But on the back side it didn't say nothing

Investigating wireless interference.

Everything's Better With Cheese!

wp: Gratis versus Libre

Matt Taibbi on T. Friedman, again

mefi: A New Creation Resurrected from Obscurity

Signifier and Signified

WareLogging: simile-widgets

flickr: Lara Boudreaux

LanguageLog: Consider the X

ragbag: concerning foxes

Ursula K. Le Guin: Staying awake: Notes on the alleged decline of reading

BoardsOfCanada">Music: A Sea Black with Ink: The Wilco Lyrics archive

wp: Chiune Sugihara

Uh huh.

wp: Thomas Ligotti

Art Garfunkel's reading list

A pretty damned thoughtful piece on ''The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao'' (but read the book first).

Alternative Source Citation Rules (via)

xkcd: Converting to metric

An NYT piece about Shelby Lynne, who is amazing.

Kate Beaton visits that whole talking to your younger self theme. (Previously: I'm from the future, asshole.)

ml: Strictly Morris

achewood: Coming in 2009

IdeaLogging: "This work fills a much needed gap in the literature."

Black people can't swim, &c.

Apparently memories are long over at Dennis the Menace

Aaron Swartz's 2008 review of books

pictures for sad children does C.S. Lewis?

mefi: You and Your Research

Penny Arcade on patent trolls.

Samurai at the Sphinx

Why Does Hollywood Hate the Suburbs? (via)

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