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Link Dump Archive Five

= june, july 2007 =

WareLogging: brackup




PHP function reference

Wilco, SkyBlueSky.

Very good web design: steve dekorte's blog

The Patchwork School

Troubling SVN Error

Geotagging Flickr

Have I mentioned how good Lipi's photos are?

interesting Trotskyists (ites?)

ASCII art from 1998

Haiku OS

wp: Heterosis

Boulder gets its own craigslist

_why: hackety.org

In the land of Communist Trees

Harriet Tubman Free School

WareLogging: rassmalog

WareLogging: ER-4940 cash register manual (pdf)

Audrey Tang on BASIC

VimEditor plugin: project (Eh.)

= may 2007 =

AssHattery by Mark Helprin:

:The genius of the framers in making this provision is that it allows for infinite adjustment. Congress is free to extend at will the term of copyright. It last did so in 1998, and should do so again, as far as it can throw. Would it not be just and fair for those who try to extract a living from the uncertain arts of writing and composing to be freed from a form of confiscation not visited upon anyone else? The answer is obvious, and transcends even justice. No good case exists for the inequality of real and intellectual property, because no good case can exist for treating with special disfavor the work of the spirit and the mind.

the Vim interface to Perl

A little historical perspective on the American Legion.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

John Paul Jones with the Duhks

Groklaw: Microsoft and stupid patents

tnh: Grep that spool - MakingLight thread on Wikipedia with posts from AndrewPlotkin and CoryDoctorow. Plotkin's bit reminded me of wikipedia as source code / emergent trust structure. TNH's points, especially her dissection of the Kibo article, remind me of PaulGoodman in ''SpeakingAndLanguage''.

IdeaLogging: Fuck it: Fork Wikipedia already.

WareLogging: Cygwin on a USB stick or portable drive

dy: ''The Great War'' by MarcFerro

WareLogging: XonexNotebook

Building Impress and Powerpoint Slides with latex and Perl

= april 2007 =

wp: Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs

What really bothers the creationists

wp: Loyalty Day


AlbanyFreeSchool, BrooklynFreeSchool.

SteveAlbini: How Bands Get Screwed

JavaScript: Event order

The myth of potent pot

wp: Cassowary

ontological problems

BillHicks: "By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. No, this is not a joke: kill yourself ... I know what the marketing people are thinking now too: 'Oh. He's going for that anti-marketing dollar. That's a good market.' Oh man, I am not doing that, you fucking evil scumbags."





WareLogging: SQLite

WareLogging: miniaim.net - when you need a windows AIM client fast.

PerlLanguage: makemaker made easy. This is easy?


WareLogging: muttprint

e2: So it goes (idea)


AristotlePagaltzis: Reminiscing

mjd: Structured BASIC


debian: Etch is stable.

wp: Tenebrae (service)

"if it can't evolve, it's probably useless"

ChrisClarke: what consumer electronics have to do with rape in the Congo

TrackingWriters: JoelBrouwer

IdeaLogging: boostrapping: stolen rhymes.

Amazon: "be Kenneth Rexroth".

JoshRitter: "Thin Blue Flame"

PLEAC - Perl Cookbook equivalents in various languages.


JavaScript: sorttable - nice table sorting library.

Samuel Huntington, asshat

File Synchronization with Unison

InteractiveFiction: There's an Inform 7 out for Linux. CommandLine tools only.

WindowManagers: wmii

WareLogging: diri

WareLogging: some Canon digital camera drivers.

FountainPens: Noodler's Ink, a test, dealers.

LanguageLog on Ann Coulter & the word 'faggot':

:By the way, a woman friend of mine in DC whose favorite color is lavender told me some really interesting things about Coulter, but I can't say a lot more. I really can't risk using the phrase "pussy-licking wildcat" in the same sentence as her name without having to go into rehab. Don't ask, I can't tell.

Lutheran Hymn Revival

PerlMonks: chatterbox over telnet

PerlLanguage: Date::Manip, checking to see if a module is installed, Perl::Critic.

WareLogging: IMified - looks like terminal-like services over IM.

TrackingAcademics, TrackingWriters: inscape

Google book search blog

= march 2007 =


A feed of RecentChanges.

WareLogging: PuTTYcyg

Make basics, using PuTTY as a Cygwin shell

FirefoxExtension: Web Developer Extension

WareLogging, openrecord, their bookmarks.


PerlLanguage: DDJ: use perl 6 now

LanguageLog: The Dan Brown code:

:Brown's writing is not just bad; it is staggeringly, clumsily, thoughtlessly, almost ingeniously bad. In some passages scarcely a word or phrase seems to have been carefully selected or compared with alternatives. I slogged through 454 pages of this syntactic swill, and it never gets much better. Why did I keep reading? Because London Heathrow is a long way from San Francisco International, and airline magazines are thin, and two-month-old Hollywood drivel on a small screen hanging two seats in front of my row did not appeal, that's why. And why did I keep the book instead of dropping it into a Heathrow trash bin? Because it seemed to me to be such a fund of lessons in how not to write.

Rockygrass Lineup

AssHattery: Excerpt from ''A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality''

LanguageLog: Learning to Read in Dulkw'ahke and a piece on the politicization of reading education.

wp: Jose Ortega y Gasset

Optimus Prime with a giant boom box

PerlLanguage: Storable.pm

WareLogging: Kalendae

LanguageLog: David Brooks, Neuroendocrinologist

WareLogging: Freebase

GregKuzma: All That I Love

Worm Base, wiki

LanguageLog: Foolish Hobgoblins:

:Somewhat gloomily, I note that many writers have claimed that a major force in the spread of public schooling in modern times was the need for tractable and obedient workers, people who would conform to arbitrary rules and would perform tasks and follow procedures that didn't necessarily make sense to them. The official rhetoric of public schooling has focused instead on the spread of learning for its own sake and the teaching of useful skills, for the advancement of individuals -- for "getting ahead" in life -- but I think it would be hard to deny the interests of industry and business in the enterprise. Regulating grammar and usage and the mechanics of writing and insisting on consistency on even minute and arbitrary points fit right into this program. And then the ideas of regulation and consistency become part of the folk understanding of the world and how it works.


c2: More About The Database, Text Formatting Regular Expressions


Language Log

Craig Ferguson talks about alcoholism

Sketchup job in Boulder

BashTricks: Daily history files for Bash. The cron job idea in the comments seems better to me; I have a tendency to bounce around the history with ctrl-r and bang completion.


= before that =

ESR Stole My Cultural Heritage

Lunging, Flailing, Mispunching

Haven't you heard / that I'm a QBasic nerd

WareLogging: JSAN

"The Genius of Walt Whitman"

The Universe of Discourse

WareLogging: The Library Lookup Project

"I'm with those guys"


WareLogging: EditGrid - Web-based spreadsheet app built on Catalyst & Gnumeric. Real-time shared editing, iframe inclusion in other pages, etc.

WareLogging, PerlLanguage: XLS Tools - commandline Excel stuff.

WareLogging: pegboard

"In C++ it is, because C++ sucks"

WareLogging: Yahoo Pipes

Holy shit. I think it might be time to start acting like a cypherpunk again.

VisualizingThings: www.ggobi.org/

WareLogging, PerlLanguage: Text::Textile

A selection of poems by Barry Gibb

BookLogging: ProgrammingRuby

JoshRitter: "Now talkin' to God is Laurel begging Hardy for a gun."

LynnTownsendWhite, Jr.

wp: List of Unix programs


djb: home page


dy: Danny Yee's blog, home site - book reviews, etc.

unix portability notes from djb

wp: Inland Empire - the new David Lynch film no one (including Lynch) is talking about

MozillaFirefox: single close tab button in Firefox 2

wp: Edible fish

d^2: "The bottom line here is that, as I say, the Iraq war isn't just a terrible mess, like British policy in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. It's a massive disaster, well on its way to becoming a disaster of world-historic proportions like Vietnam. The big and frightening headline numbers are just the logical numeric expression of that fact; if someone isn't proposing to argue with me on the fact that it's a total disaster then they can think what they like about the numbers."

automatic meaning discovery using google

To finish reading: A Non-Programmer's Apology

Naked Pumpkin Run, FAQ: Q. ''What is the naked pumpkin run?'' A. What does it sound like?

What was that line about an energetic mind in a vacuum of fact?

Layout Ultimate 2006 (GPLed, no less)



How long can the command line be?

"it only takes three commands to install gentoo"

useless use of cat award

WareLogging: Free BASIC compilers/interpreters, FreeBASIC.

tnh: God and I, on getting excommunicated from the LDS church

BookLogging: The True Intellectual System of the Universe: wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted, and its impossibility demonstrated, with a treatise concerning eternal and immutable morality. by RalphCudworth, D.D.

WareLogging: gnu texmacs - slicker looking than LyX, anyway.

semi-coherent rants on markup & documents: * texnical documents and markup languages * S-exp vs XML, HTML, Latex (was: Why lisp is growing) (not quite batshit insane, but close, and mostly worth it for the XML-is-like-George-Bush segment) * the (much more interesting) context for the above

"A Rare Blend of Monster Raving Egomania and Utter Batshit Insanity"

wp: George Lakoff. It's Wikipedia, so who knows, but this sure does set off some alarms:

:Lakoff has also claimed that we should remain agnostic about whether math is somehow wrapped up with the very nature of the universe. Early in 2001 Lakoff told the AAAS, "Mathematics may or may not be out there in the world, but there's no way that we scientifically could possibly tell."

Pinker vs. Lakoff

a review of ''Where Mathematics Comes From''

The world's shortest horror story

Machine. Unexpectedly, I�d invented a time: six-word sci-fi stories

"Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary." - ReinholdNiebuhr

Why OpenPGP�s PKI is better than an X.509 PKI

WareLogging: SILC, per October 17 2006.

wp: SILC (protocol):

:SILC channels (groups) are protected by using symmetric channel keys. It is optionally possible to digitally sign all channels messages. ... When messages are secured with key material generated with SKE protocol or key material previously agreed on (for example, passphrases) SILC provides security even when SILC server may be compromised.

anoNet, I2P

wp: Bayesian probability

wp: "Maggie's Farm"

RATM notes on ''Renegades''

LaTeX: IEEEtrantools.sty

Tim Bray on Avebury

Longevity records of North American Birds, 10 longest lived.

merch I want for Christmas.

URL longevity, purl.org.

wood synagogues of eastern europe

wp: Dream a little..., Talk:Copyright_wishlist.

generic names for softdrinks by US county.

WebComics: Thanks for looking after the kids.

WareLogging: openstreetmap

Lee Harvey Oswald's diary

WareLogging: wordnet: It'd be cool to build a wiki add on that'd automatically link in synonyms for you.

wp: Artifact

Directory of open access journals

The complete work of Charles Darwin

AssHattery: Senator Rick Santorum on how Iraq maps to Tolkien

''A House-Boat on the Styx''

reddit buttons - Actually, I'm not at all sure this is a good idea. But irony can be fun.

wp: Music referencing Bill Hicks


PerlLanguage: pugs in-browser

BoingBoing: Richard Nixon jumping

wp: Naturalism (philosophy)

WareLogging: How do I use port forwarding?

WareLogging: stunnel - like ssh -F/-R except ssl-based. bind services to localhost, then secure and expose them via stunnel.

wp: Iceweasel

Stephen writes a Wordpress plugin

WareLogging: Gnutella Protocol Development

BookMaking: memoir class for latex

ng: bookslut interview: "I wish I had an origin story for you. When I was four, I was bitten by a radioactive myth."

get your war on:

:It always feels good to see Kissinger standing beside a U.S. President. It's kind of like watching Voltron gear up to physically assault the Statue of Liberty.

WareLogging: Veloeclipse - syntax highlighting & outlining for Velocity pages in Eclipse.


wp: Military Commissions Act of 2006

Hendricks Conference on Biology and Political Science

MattHern, ''FieldDay: Getting society out of school''

The glowing skull proliferates.

egomania itself: bad agile follow-up--stevey's in peak form

I have suddenly grown weary of people invoking the prisoner's dilemma to draw irrelevant sweeping conclusions.

WareLogging: surfraw (the rhetoric alone is worth the price of admission)


wp: Cyclomatic_complexity

Cyclomatic Complexity

October 4 2006, wiki-blog fusion and fun with the unix filesystem

gmaps with a bunch of options exposed.

indenting on perl here docs

Google code search. I suddenly feel kind of bad for a couple of startups. But it does RegEx.

TheGoldenSmog have a newish album out. I wonder if it is any good.

Songs of the Seeger Sessions



ToRead: Shop Class as Soulcraft

WareLogging: cdb, CDB_File for Perl

FirefoxExtension: User Agent Switcher

ag: pure democracy


tnh: John M. Ford, 1957-2006




Via CrookedTimber, A Nazi Made of Bees



Fuck you, Dan Simmons.

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