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Link Dump Archive One

Lucy Parsons

Practical mod_perl

Hungarian parliament at night

White's tree frog

The Pagan Hierarchy should probably include something about Dan Brown.

Whittaker Chambers ''vs.'' Ayn Rand

ElainePagels, ''BeyondBelief''.

Thomas McGrath's Statement to the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC)

GabrielleRoy, "Enchantment & Sorrow."

TheStoneRoses: RequiredMusic?

Unsurprisingly, Dan Brown is full of shit.

Slashdot interview with JimmyWales.

Interesting piece about religion as an artefact of social cognition. Also, "Why Is Religion Natural?".

WareLogging: retrievr - search by sketch.

Rowman & Littlefield contact info

The Myth of a Christian Nation, This American Life: Godless America.



Why the media can't get Wikipedia right. On a related note, my favorite Penny Arcade strip ever.

WareLogging: PetzlHeadlamp, Mail::POP3Client, Net::POP3.


<alan> 20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States

Java: Language of Tomorrow:

:However, elisp is a more portable language than Java, and elisp has more user applications with relevance to the 'web revolution' or whatever than Java does. emacs is more convincing than Java as a successful 'middleware' platform.

<alan> why i am not a java programmer: a-f*#@ing-men.

JWZ: java sucks

''Nature'' comparison of Wikipedia & Brittanica. I'd question the rigor of their methodology (let alone its statistical merit), but it's interesting anyway. Also, challenges of being a Wikipedian. Wikipedia: Dash

WareLogging: Assemble.pm assembles multiple RegularExpressions into a single expression.

I Will Alarm Islamic Owls

WareLogging: Scribus, a free desktop publishing program. Official documentation.

An amazing bit of asshattery from the president of the AmericanLibraryAssociation, one MichaelGorman. (Via NeilGaiman.)

Brian McCallister: Some good random thoughts, cut & paste for the shell.

Regular Expression Cheatsheet

ChandlerDavis: From an Exile

Nickel Creek cover "Toxic"

Wes has a blog: "Yes there is a positive correlation between living in Lincoln and drinking."

RequiredMusic: GrantLeeBuffalo, ''StormHymnal''.

The Online Journal of EverettCharlesAlbers.

An article by IsaacGraves, who taught at TamarikiSchool and bummed around NewZealand with us this past Spring.

Notebook porn: The Daily Planner. More Moleskine hacks. Yet other Moleskine hacks. Moleskine photo pool on flickr. Froogle search for Moleskines. All-weather fieldbooks. Moleskine pen holder ribbon hack. Miquelrius vs. Moleskine. 43 Folders Wiki: Miquelrius.

New Yorker piece on Narnia and CliveStaplesLewis. Very worth a read. Maybe at odds with some material in the Wikipedia article on Lewis.

RequiredMusic: * archive.org * TheGreencards * Sufjan Stevens official site * Brimful of Asha, Explained * Glen Phillips 2005-08-30 * Mutual Admiration Society 2005-08-17 - With JohnPaulJones. * It's Just Me and Eve * An article on Shane MacGowan * State Radio on myspace

Best. Onion. Article. Ever.

About a bazillion superballs rolling down a hill in San Francisco.

''A Feast for Crows'' is out.

Matisyahu - Hasidic hip-hop reggae? StateRadio opened for this guy in Boulder. I did not go.

sorabji.com - Some amazing photos, good text.

The Piano Stylings of Charles Schulz

311 show, July of last year

RequiredMusic: Andrew Bird.

best of craigslist

Nickel Creek tour dates

Portrait of America

Adele writes a story.


:People who chastise me for political apathy, or for voting outside of their tribe A and tribe B system, are the real reason we're now in this mess. Apathy is the only realistic way to deal with your complete disenfranchisement--apathy or a complete revolution that is. Working within this system is worse. Stop pretending it works & telling me to vote for your sheister. As if that will help anything.

:We need a new Athens. It's just over the horizon.

Embracing Change with All Four Arms

RequiredMusic: Rilo Kiley, "With Arms Outstretched". The volume on the instruments is too low. Just crank the hell out of it and sing along.

Debunking the DDT bullshit.

Web-based Apple II emulator. With ''Taipan''. I once dedicated more time than I am ever going to directly admit to writing a crude, barely playable ''Taipan''-alike in QBasic, because it is like the best game ever.

Innocent in London - Dude gets arrested for carrying laptop bag, not making eye contact with cops. And then there's the guy they just went ahead and shot to death.

Open Content Alliance

Open Rights Group

Run from girls.

TruckstopHoneymoon: "All that my country 'tis of thee bullshit they shovel me straight from Capitol Hill."

John Evans Band

Treating scalp lacerations.

The peppered moth story holds up (with citations).

Tim O'Reilly on the Author's guild

RequiredMusic: Harvey Danger - Why we're releasing our latest album for free on the Internet.

A very good mp3: Phosphorescent, "I Am A Full Grown Man (I Will Lay in the Grass all Day)".

Giant. Squid.

Wino Wines

Bad Subjects, Political Education for Everyday Life

TheWilders lose a bass.

International Democratic Education Conference 2006

An example of intensive public self-documentation.

'He acts on the assumption that the old world is totally, irrevocably, stone dead. He confronts it simply by being there. Why does he stay around? The bodhisattva’s vow is, “I will not enter Nirvana until I can take all sentient creatures with me.” But the bodhisattva doesn’t consciously make a vow. He is a bodhisattva out of transcendental indifference. As far as he is concerned he is just plain old Smokey the Bear.'

drug war rant

Some tips on caring for old documents & books.

Icons which I have used for entries here.

''The Complete Poems of KennethRexroth'' - SamHamill & BradfordMorrow, eds.

''Deep River Talk : collected poems'' - HoneTuwhare

Some academic thrashing around about JaredDiamond.

God Loves Flags

The 10 Stupidest Utopias & The 10 Sexiest Dystopias

HistoryOfWar: A piece on the inventor of the neutron bomb.

Wikipedia: Walnut Valley Festival

Wikipedia: Graduate school

Cult Pens

So they filmed a reality show at my university a while back. I would really hate to imply an endorsement by pointing this out.

Spreadshirt - A print on demand thing that might be cool.

Ben Folds on that whole Shatner thing. For the record, I really dig ''Has Been''.

Google Moon

Wikipedia: Great Plains

JamesJoyce's ''Dubliners''.

Wikipedia: Author surrogate

The Stain of Torture

Packs a Wallop - Please Help. Mandy teaches poor kids to read and stuff. The other day, her non-profit got robbed at gunpoint. She's soliciting some altruism, which would probably be a great way for folks with more cash than me (read: any at all) to feel good about themselves for a while.

Weird cloud formations in Hastings - from UNL by way of Boing Boing.

Packs a Wallop on building bricks - "God is still laughing."

mystery in a blue car

Wikipedia: 7 July 2005 London bombings. A Google maps look at the events.

An article on the economics of massively multiplayer gaming.

FrankBlack (yeah, that Frank Black) interviews Ray Bradbury.

the yak's frequently questioned answers

RadioClash.pdf" class="external">A PDF file with some good, if fairly obvious, thoughts about commercial radio.

An unbelievably simple recipe for kettle corn. Here's a KettleCorn page with some notes.


[http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/17/opinion/17stephenson.html?ei=5090&en=a693ccc4ec008424&ex=1276660800&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss&pagewanted=all Neal Stephenson on Star Wars

Microsoft slurps up the guy behind LotusNotes. All I can say is they deserve one another.

Daily Dinosaur Comics does the Counting Crows.

Bob the Angry Flower is still funny.

Some notes on StewartBrand's ''How Buildings Learn''.

Wikibooks - A wiki textbook project.

The Early Days of a Better Nation on fossile crocodiles:

:The Hunterian Museum is quiet, with the sort of hum that might be an aural hallucination. The smell is of locusts and wild honey, like John the Baptist's menu. The windows are like in a church.

TWAS 503: (Warnings and Promises) - glenn mcdonald finally infringes.

"Improve on the silence"

Homosexuality as Lovecraftian blight.

C2 Wiki Wars? Does this explain what happened to Ward's Wiki?

This is how we know Echelon exists


Journalisimo | Back to Analog

Locate a non-Starbucks cafe by zip code

Top Ten Myths About Gurus

Owned by somebody: * Property and Environment Research Center * Disinfopedia's entry on same * SeeAlso: www.newenvironmentalism.org/

Scrivener's Error - publishing stuff.

A New Yorker piece on a couple of recent histories of the Crusades, by JoanAcocella.


$14 Steadycam

The Corporation (kottke.org)

Whole Earth is still going?

The Command Line in 2004. The original essay is still pretty brilliant, and the annotations here contain some insight, though I don't think they're quite equal to the ease with which NealStephenson spins metaphor.

We Are All Torturers Now

The Delgamuukw Decision

www.nanews.org/ - Wotanging Ikche / Native American News. An old-school ASCII newsletter. This kind of document (see Need To Know, frex) has always fascinated me.

Low are coming out with a new album. RequiredMusic.

Forbes piece on artificial joint replacements.

Metafilter | Moleskine-ing

A fan page for the IBM Model M Keyboard.

Rudy Rucker's Spaceland Page


WareLogging: Wikalong is a wiki-based annotation system for web pages.

Alan writes about mail.

The Carey Document


Archaeological Parameters for the Beginnings of Beer

H-Net, H-Net Discussion Logs Search

How We Work

Merlin's Lists of Five Things


Nebraska State Play Production Schedule

Change This


Mind Hacks - Paying Attention (or Not), and a piece talking about the ultimatum game.

Alan: Read Graham's bit on great hackers.

The Victorian Web

Paul Graham: The Age of the Essay

The Herman-Chomsky Conspiracy Theory or something like that.

drugtext.org, "Early use of LSD-like drugs"

The Whitehouse.gov robots.txt file - I know I've seen this linked, but wow.

The Reasonable Expectation of Privacy


<Labelleski> Labelleski's junk (Inter-Package Dependency Networks in Open-Source Software, Labelle & Wallingford.)

A piece on genes and alcoholism.

Saalon gets pissed at Andrew Sullivan; I go off on a tangent about my contempt for mainstream American values.

Ming the Mechanic

The most effective way for you to fight communism is to learn all you can about it.

The Stranger: Fuck the Suburbs.

In Times Like These, Where Are Our Frank Norrises, Our Upton Sinclairs, Our... Ah, Who Are We Kidding?

Bruce Sterling's weblog

"''What color is most reflective of you?'' I still am just stunned that by popular choice, my government is full of thieves and murderers."

Stump has a weblog.

youyesyou.net :: kinda like art; girls & bunnies.

The Theremin Collection

A ''Peanuts'' essay by Jonathan Franzen.


Open Brackets links to Dennis Lee, Poems and Tram Spark. Tram Spark, I think, is brilliant. It is poetry. (Although it has not been updated since August.) Tram Spark leads to As/Is, most (but not entirely all) of which leaves me cold.

CT: Iraq: A War of Liberation

evolutionary color theory - perhaps not a bad way to go about picking a new color scheme.

The greatest of crimes

"The right question, I think, is not whether religion has an undue influence, but why it is that the current flourishing of religious faith has, for the first time ever, virtually no element of social justice?"

Levi hits the big time.

Repatriating Ishi's brain

Counter Culture Through the Ages

CrookedTimber pieces relating to the election: * The next four years: realistic version * Flipping coins * Legislating for Morality (Fuck you, WilliamBennett). * Religion and politics * Moral values

Some quotes about history.

Theagenes Remembers

Erowid Experience Vaults - Well, drugs ''are'' fascinating.

Albert Camus: The Myth of Sisyphus


Formatting the Word of God

CSS for tables

Structured Procrastination

Crooked Timber: Iterated Prisoner's Dilemna

Via Brokentype, George Saunders on Vonnegut.

Tailsteak on voting:

:Now, we have a new landmark tragedy in world history, two retaliatory wars, one ominous meta-war, an outsourced indefinite interrogation facility for the uncategorized, and a nation-wide paranoia-meter that is ''coloured incorrectly''.

There is a really good poem here: "Every year / everything / I have ever learned / in my lifetime / leads back to this: the fires / and the black river of loss / whose other side / is salvation, / whose meaning / none of us / will ever know."

Volcano Cams

Human Clock

Eric starts journaling again. * Love Is A Dog From Hell * Fear and Loathing in (and of) Christendom

Plainsong Folk Festival

Orthodox Anarchist

Troubleshooting a Plesk 7.0 installation: Why mod_rewrite doesn't work, and why PHP is broken.

James Clarke's wala

Demonstrate: Direct control over a robotic camera at Berkeley. Massively boring by comparison: UNL Plaza cam. Lincoln traffic cameras.

CRYPTOME: Because public documents are good.

Wikipedia: Ted Kooser

Wait, PK Dick wrote baroque space operas? Really? And is this cult-baiting parody, or just bad criticism?

EFF wins Grokster

Ultimate, February last.

Eric Alterman

"Real" "Art"

The Memex, The Story, and Searchstreams

Adele discovers the little black notebook. I'm tracking this notebook thing. Something is going on here, I swear.

Geek tattoos

CSS for lists

Some people in Lincoln:

David Edelstein about ''The Big Lebowski''.

They just named Ted Kooser poet laureate.

The Uniform Polyhedra

Packs A Wallop on being stung.

Where the Money Went

John Shirley

The Gender Genie

Gallery of Computation


usemod: extracting text

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