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Link Dump Archive Seven

A LinkDumpArchive.

= december 2008 =

WareLogging: OGDL, Ordered graph data language

mefi: Popcorn

xkcd: Decline

flickr: please don't divorce us

What is Hindley-Milner? (and why is it cool?) - Suddenly I kind of feel like learning Haskell.

Why the World's Oldest Map Isn't a Map (via Strange Maps)

WareLogging: unix-jun72 - awesome.

More gravy than the grave

A bunch of pictures of women with cats

Probative Programming: the physical unification of code and tests


Reverse Whorfianism and the value of SHAs

Because the first one made a lot of money?

Change, change, change: Sandman and the '90s

A picture of a common grackle

An open letter from Jello Biafra to Barack Obama.

The Service

pa: Snowball.exe

Damn It Feels Good to be a Banksta

achewood: If I did I'd be bluffing.

Poetry and pragmatism (Rick Warren? What?)

Free Mundadar Zaidi now!


victor grimm - Casey's new band.

ct: Cooking with Campbell's Soup

Christian Identity whackjobs are the second Google result for "doctrinal".

ct: They Bellow 'Til We're Deaf - More dissection of stupid genre-bashing.

Blogs about people's working lives. Including sped, porn, coffee, and farming.

Make-work. - On the nature of WPA projects.

Hey Santa

An Imperial Palimpsest on Poland’s Electoral Map

At Least It’s An Ethos: Why Merging Rhetoric With Composition Is A Mistake (things I haven't read yet)

Eee PC

An observation by steve dekorte which strikes me as near-total BS, but is interesting anyway.

Every base is base 10.

Music: An Elephant 6 Orchestra concert

Music: The Team Love Library


WareLogging: Guncho

Suzanne Vega:

:Songs brand us a part of a tribe. We can pick and choose what tribe we belong to. Goth, emo, hippie, punk, folk, alternative, for example. "Mom! Why are you wearing all black?" my daughter recently shouted at me. "You look so emo!" "I always wear black," I mumbled. "But we are at the beach!" she said. Well, maybe she had a point.


Architecture: OSK Architects (via)

Erik's shedchen

Weapons of Mass Instruction (mefi)

Bands from ''Illuminatus!'' which might also be real bands.

mjd: Official ''Higher-Order Perl'' text available. MOD, PDF.

You don't got a good grasp of the dynamics of romance.

The Atlas of True Names

Understanding the black anti-gay marriage sentiment

robin in the rye

I'm from The Future, Asshole - Also, keep scrolling and read the artist's statement.


Why defend freedom of icky speech?

My take on that whole Wikipedia thing yet again.

qwantz: Attention, people who are breaking up with someone

Law & revision control

= november 2008 =

pa: In Memoriam

Free Hats

BookLogging: A Byte of Vim

Bar dichotomies

Bearded developers

On "meh".

Your wrists hurt, you must be a programmer

Bérubé drives past my house. Well, pretty close anyway.

i ain't need no disease

''Maybe'' the best photograph of all time.

Yahoo Answers: What do you think of the name Brennen?


qwantz: Euphemisms

Frisbee research

A pretty good list of web comics to read.

AssHattery: On how Obama was elected because the Academic Left has brainwashed the youth of America

Bob the Angry Flower: Atlas Shrugged 2

The End (flickr) (via)

qwantz: ...and finally around a huge roseate "V"...

All noble things are as difficult as they are rare. (Leibniz, Spinoza, etc.)

WareLogging: Minimalist blog engines: trivium, Jekyll (via).

Metafilter comments vs. Youtube comments

xkcd: A Bunch of Rocks

14Nov2008: The fortune cookie said: Only count the blessed moments of life. / The pessimist mathematician reasoned: The cursed moments are uncountable.

Three approaches to Utopia. Ishi, Ursula K. Le Guin, first contact, etc.

Penny Arcade explains my total indifference to WoW.

Movin' Up the Ladder

ct: We're In Ur Librariez, Controlling Ur Recordz

Stealing Your Library: The OCLC Powergrab


John Sautter has a blog

Well, it's not like Paglia doesn't deserve this.

BatchPCB gets a ''Wired'' plug

The Wall

One Velociraptor per Child

Free text geocoding / Fetegeo


LanguageLog: Some discipline where nobody knows what the hell it is

tnh: The Great War, ninety years on

riotclitshave: So I'm curious~ what do you look like?

Dulce et Decorum est

Lyrics to Wilco's ''A.M.'' (txt)

qwantz: ultimatum game

qwantz: ryan north = pure class

Wikimedia and GFDL 1.3

Obama wins electoral vote in Nebraska

ocms: at Boulder Theater, 11/20

tnh: Google is imperfect

mjd: Election results


:Hence: Bill Clinton had an affair and let contributors stay in the Lincoln Bedroom; George Bush tortured people, stomped on the Constitution, chronically broke our laws, started wars based on manufactured pretexts, committed felonies by spying on American without warrants, abolished habeas corpus, imprisoned human beings in "black sites," etc. Boy, politicians sure are bad.

Bill Ayers sounds like a pretty likable guy.

Schneier on election results

WebComics: Sex Fantasy

RIP, Studs

Linux: udev - renaming network interfaces


WareLogging: MSDN Library

WareLogging: memcached

WareLogging: mysqlreport

WareLogging: ab - Apache benchmarking.

= october 2008 =

Natalie Dee has a baby

The Museum of Stones

Richard Kulisz explains what is wrong with academia

JackChick: The Death Cookie

The lost Bloom County strips




Red Sex, Blue Sex (via)

\ as a namespace separator in PHP

I am staring into the garden, I am watching the moon

sparkfun: Battery vs. Water Tank

dy: ''The Anatomy of Fascism'', Robert O. Paxton.

Stephen King's God trip

acephalous: The high price of idealism


Adam Smith, socialist

LanguageLog: Giveth and taketh. Also, T. L. Friedman still sucks.

Interview with riotclitshave's Bean Noneya. Who's apparently at Maker Faire in Austin this weekend. So are a bunch of Sparkfun kids.

achewood: Light all flickerin' across the empty spot on the mantel where her massage therapy degree will never go

AssHattery: On how militant atheism is responsible for the financial crisis (via)


Deletionpedia - Pages on Wikipedia for 1000 or more days

Harvey James

Notebook: Chronotebook

The Heartbreak Fairy:

:Instead I’m drinkin’ some barley wine called Hog Heaven and playin’ Rock-‘Em-Sock-‘Em Robots with transsexuals down at Burp Castle! Yow! And someday, O heartbroken reader, I promise, you will be too. (Maybe not literally, since these days Rock-‘Em-Sock-‘Em Robots are harder to come by than transsexuals, but you know what I’m saying.)


Erik's micro-housing

ct: Ad hominem worries about global justice

Major shock: Eavesdropping powers abused without oversight

acephalous: Sandworm farts, etc.

WareLogging: wdiff

xkcd: Depth

Video from Neil Gaiman's reading last night in Boulder.


Charming event.

achewood: Ray gets kind of stoned.

What was that about palling around with terrorists?

"you know, a dark room"



Much recent material via.


:...should be hot as hell, black as death, and gulped greatly from a cadaver-hued earthenware mug while listening to nightmarish glitch techno through big fuck-off headphones and staring out the window at fall-colored ash leaves shuddering in low-horizon sunlight as window drafts under your ugly desk refrigerate your feet.

The effect of country music on suicide

Brown bag apple pie

(An exchange with) Just maybe my new favorite reddit user.

Anarchaia done, go read Trivium

dy: Violence in Early Modern Europe

Glenn Beck, asshat

"Weddin's is all ooh, look at me I found '''joy''' in a world of crap and now I might not die '''alone'''"

Fat Pony

Phish are playing some 2009 dates.

Adam Gopnik on John Stuart Mill

Cornfed Ultimate

wp: Harriet Taylor Mill


Will Sheff guest-DJs All Songs Considered (via Julia Wertz)

More untimely stuff about disability. Worth reading.

Reuters sues GMU over Zotero, another take.

Bret Chilcott's WVF '08 photos

RHR photography WVF photos - Click on the little walking guy.

Don Shorock's '08 Winfield photos

WareLogging: Sysadmin's unixersal translator

php: Text_Diff

WareLogging: Textadept

WareLogging: USPS APIs

= september 2008 =

xkcd: Height


"Well, tough shit. Nobody added your business to the list of protected species"

What part of legal immigration don't you understand?

Jacob has a blog again.

The phonetics of flop sweat?

Rebel Yell


Harmonica Stomp (youtube)

Reality is a Harsh Mistress

acephalous: Dawg, We Is Underscrewed

ocms: tour dates

Darkness Becomes Him

A DFW syllabus (via)

Our Culture is Our Resistance




A more or less perfect exercise in missing the point.


How to usurp PHP’s place: an outline

DavidFosterWallace: Host

Locations for some relocated camps at Winfield

I share this problem.

interrupted fern

Winfield floodwaters (youtube)

Mandatory evacuation in effect for Winfield Fairgrounds

WebComics, etc.: This dude's stuff, it is really good.

Samurai Jack, Clone Wars, and Buddhism

To tear a cat

DN! needs a sysadmin

Call to action on Behalf of DN! Journalists Facing Charges

Impeach. They're looking for a million signatures before the 10th.

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet?

Uh huh

Farley Mowat and non-fiction

The Singularity is Far

WareLogging: xbasic

Average of 1220 Dinosaur Comics

Hating on ''The Elements of Style''


qwantz: My life is a whispered apology

Evolutionists Flock to Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

The beautiful thing about Achewood, really, is that every time you get a little worried that maybe Onstad has decided not to make comics that would offend and disgust three quarters of the people you know, he comes through with something like this.

Change in voter registration

Phineas Gage - Unravelling the Myth

Party Time with Richard III

Comics with problems: Dick Hafer was an asshole.

ml: Minneapolis / St. Paul: asking the right questions

Le Guin on technology. And, more briefly, on Ishi.

''Ishi in Three Centuries'', Nebraska, 2003.

wp: Harry Potter influences and analogues (via Eric)

ct: Better Never to Have Been

An Urban Dictionary entry for Slapball. Really?

Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, and Nicole Salazar arrested at RNC

Police at the RNC

Report: Massive, warrantless raids on peace protesters in Minneapolis, ahead of RNC.

Greenwald: Massive police raids on suspected protestors in Minneapolis

nyt: Dozens Detained Ahead of Convention

The History of Breaking Up Protests Before They Can Happen, How Cops Have Spent Years Squashing the Right to Assembly and Free Speech

Tension high after pepper spray used on protesters (1997)

WareLogging: A decent PHP feed generator.

WareLogging: TWiki -> mediawiki syntax converter. RegEx based, but may work.

WareLogging: A comparison of Mail Transfer Agents

Selectutorial - Good CSS selector tutorial

Super useful PHP functions: debug_backtrace()

WareLogging: Mojo

= august 2008 =

Four Corners Folk Festival - Shoulda gone to this one.

Recap of Making Light's Katrina coverage

Are these people fucking insane?

The Futility of Flogging Music

Early Kodachrome


Pseudo-persuasion in online discourse

Turning High School Biology into a Battleground Over the Existence of God - The comments here are instructive, in their way.

KGNU streams

Ken Knabb: Rapid Responses. Also Ten years on the web. Also, The Poverty of Primitivism.

WebComics: www.radiomaru.com

regrets, I've had a few

A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica

Maps and Nationalism

achewood: Jack Chick tracts

Comics: "You Ain't No Dancer" strikes me as a pretty great name for a thing.

Colonialism and the Emergence of Science Fiction

How to Deconstruct Almost Anything - I expected to hate this, but actually I suspect the guy's basically right.

qwantz: Analogical difficulties.

Denvention 3 sketch notes

LanguageLog: One question, two answers, three interpretations

I never read Thomas Disch, but man do I fucking despise Eric S. Raymond.

why on vintage PK Dick covers, a scanned collection of same.

qwantz: Do you want a boyfriend who's only a little desperate?

LanguageLog: David Brooks, Social Psychologist

Eric on ''Sandman''

Portraying Obama as the ''Left Behind'' antichrist

Re-reading ''Sandman''

Is Wikipedia saturated? - Well, maybe, but is it saturated in terms of ''coverage'' or in terms of petty bureaucracy and procedural noise?



WebComics: Freakangels


Folks Fest lineup

achewood: There are actually bad times to have a baby.

WareLogging: cronolog.org

"Minglewood Blues", which doesn't mention the OCMS version on BigIronWorld, though I think the lyrics are pretty close to the NoahLewis original.

Awwww, how sweet.

JoWalton on Eric Frank Russell.

"The secret reformist history of the Ku Klux Klan"

modernist book design in germany and switzerland 1925–1965 (and beyond)

this is exactly how shitty i feel.

ocms: Tennessee Pusher

Nation Beat

I actually suspect there might be a market for this.

kill-the-liberals rhetoric

WareLogging: TileStack


Some Knol bashing.

WareLogging: hugin - panorama stitching.

WareLogging: A list of PCB design tools.


WareLogging: datetime.perl.org


America and Coca-Cola

= july 2008 =

ubuweb: Wake Up America!, apropos of a conversation with Erik about how his dad's band recorded this with Abbie Hoffman.

AssHattery: Orson Scott Card on how legal recognition of gay marriage marks the end of democracy in America.

Rexroth: The Heat

qwantz: "if only I could describe something using my words"

Slightly crazy people I work with.

Summing up that whole human resources thing.


achewood: "all the magazines are saying that terrible is the new horrible"

ct: What obligation? Maximise what?

ocms: Eutaw, BigIronWorld

CowboyJunkies - MilesFromOurHome

John Gruber doesn't understand freedom



ct: Book Review: "Savage Mules"

RabbitFurCoat - JennyLewis & TheWatsonTwins

What is this terrible music?

Controlling a simulated Mars rover in tex with a perl wrapper for network support, code. Mad.

History: The Edge of the American West

achewood: Onstad in the New Yorker

"he would probably be an avid RED!"

Train in Vain

The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design

GoodDesign: Proper Treatment, Differentiating regions

The Unbound Bible

flickr: Stick Figures in Peril

Gerd Arntz web archive

Fifty Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read

Today is the Day

Lester Bangs on ''Astral Weeks''

I've never lived in Brooklyn, but who hasn't had a similar experience?

WebComics: Kukuburi

dc: "Childhood's End", concept art

Danny Yee on ''American Agriculture in the Twentieth Century''

perl: PBP Module Recommendation Commentary

WareLogging: Kile

Steal This Wiki

A lit review on serif vs. sans-serif legibility:

:Finally, we should accept that most reasonably designed typefaces in mainstream use will be equally legible, and that it makes much more sense to argue in favour of serif or sans serif typefaces on aesthetic grounds than on the question of legibility.

quirksmode: Cookies

WareLogging: pseudo-class fix for IE's lack of :hover support

= june 2008 =

US copyright renewal records:

:Estimates of how many books were renewed vary, but everyone agrees that most books weren't renewed. If true, that means that the majority of U.S. books published between 1923 and 1963 are freely usable.



Will Shetterly: To Begin, the Gods


WareLogging: magcloud.com - like Lulu specifically for magazines.

acephalous: Pity the poor supremacists

deep crow

Some sputtering incoherence about the "demise of the sentence".

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Kevin J. Anderson's work.

Some spoilers for ''The Happening''

Measure for Measure - blogging by musicians.

Rosanne Cash:

:The exact words he said, who was right or wrong, whether he relapsed on the 7th or the 10th, why exactly she does what she does, the depth and weight and timbre of the feelings, whether Love Heals Everything — these aren’t facts, these are ever-changing blobs of emotional mercury, and when you are working in rhyme, it can be much more powerful and resonant to write about the shards of the coffee cup than about the feeling that caused him to throw it across the room. You are better off moving the furniture than you are directly analyzing the furniture maker.

"Ahead of what?"

Profiles of same-sex couples with marriage licenses in California

pnh: An interview with George Takei (mp3)

AssHattery: "Don't use your browser to cut, copy, and paste content. It is wrong and, in most cases, illegal."

VisualizingThings: Many Eyes, code_swarm

Deleting Deletionism? - This is just crying out to be implemented.

ct: Map of things to do in Budapest


The Meaning of Box 722

Patchwork School in the local rag

The Distraction Machine

Extreme Work-Study:

:UPS refuses to provide meaningful persistence figures for the more than fifty thousand students it has “aided” over the past decade. But of the ten thousand at the Louisville hub, it could account for little more than three hundred bachelor’s or associate’s degrees earned.

Call now


achewood: on pimm's

be open to the possibility that you are a bad person

ocms: We're all in this together


Luca Antara


xkcd: Every damn morning

wp: The Year of the Sex Olympics

WareLogging: XAMPP - Decent looking LAMP bundle for OS X.

WareLogging: Reia

Why we skip Photoshop

sparkfun: GPS USB stick

fixedsys ttf

WareLogging: tilestack.com/

pm: Parsing with Regexes and Beyond

WareLogging: Scrivener

= may 2008 =

ct: The Great and Unremembered War

You aren't allowed to think that's awesome.

Hospitality House Shelter

''Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds'' - 1841 - Amazon, Google Books, Project Gutenberg

Amy Goodman on Utah Phillips

Well, shit. Utah Phillips dead.



Rockygrass 2008 lineup

A feed of blocked wikispam.


RTD on Google Maps

Kapitalismus, Kommunismus, Klutter

mjd: A missing feature in document viewers

The Progress & Freedom Foundation - Evidently dedicated to eliminating both.

Is Lessig's Free Culture just a modern Das Kopyright?

AssHattery: Tragedy and Farce: An Analysis of the Book ''Free Culture''

GoodDesign, planets: systemic


State-by-state map of marijuana laws

Hypertext interlinear of the Gospel of Thomas

OLPC's a con?

:I've thought for a while that sending laptops to developing colonies is simply the 21st century equivalent of sending bibles to the colonies. --comment from Guido van Rossum

The Reminiscences of William Topaz Mc Gonagall:

:I will begin with giving an account of my experiences amongst the publicans. Well, I must say that the first man who threw peas at me was a publican, while I was giving an entertainment to a few of my admirers in a public-house in a certain little village not far from Dundee but, my dear friends, I wish it to be understood that the publican who threw the peas at me was not the landlord of the public-house, he was one of the party who came to hear me give my entertainment.

An economist I ain't, but this comparison - while interesting - strikes me as a bogus way to delineate the "world's largest economic entities".


PaulBlackburn: Pancho Villa or The Fate


Some days, just some of us are Roast Beef Kazenzakis. Not that anyone around here knows what I'm talking about.

Raymond Geuss on on Richard Rorty

WareLogging: Google Doctype

Debian OpenSSL vulnerability (also affects Ubuntu)

ct: In praise of Rachel Carson

What the platypus genome is and isn't

SF as the ur-fandom


LynnMargulis: Gaia Is a Tough Bitch

Amy Goodman columns on AlterNet

LanguageLog: Creole birdsong?:

:The cited work by Olga Feher et al. demonstrates this kind of “multi-generational phenotype” (Ofer’s phrase) experimentally, in a colony of zebra finches whose founder was an isolate. As each succeeding generation learns songs from the preceeding one, the effects of biases in the learning process accumulate, so that after a few generations, normal zebra finch songs have re-emerged.

mjd on ''The Origin of Conscious in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind''

M. Ward - "Chinese Translation"

WareLogging: webcheck

Further evidence that the DEA's marketing people are taking the piss.

Eric Clapton, White Power enthusiast

We are all Roast Beef Kazenzakis.

WareLogging: Fixedsys Excelsior - a Truetype version of my favorite ugly monospaced font with support for additional languages.

WebComics: I'm in a rock group.

WareLogging: Ditz

= april 2008 =

Join NORML for $4.20

Is anyone even slightly surprised by this?

Migration stories

TrackingWriters: AndreaGibson

Lessig on DN

Buy some Tubman Free School swag


WebComics: David Foster Wallace on a desert island

JoGuldi: The Technologies of Management - "It is difficult, looking backwards, to conceive of gravel roads and footpaths as carefully engineered devices of high technology."

Writings of Subcommander Marcos of the EZLN

Rexroth's Daughter lyrics again


The Light Above Cities

Gregory Alan Isakov & the Freight

d^2 on Ayn Rand:

:I forget who was that said that there is a moment in a child’s life when he is reading the Narnia novels and some grown-up tells him "Of course, you realise that ''Aslan'' is really ''Jesus''" and the kid realises that he can never trust an adult again. As with Pilgrim's Progress, as with Narnia, as with all such books, the students are going to end up fucking hating capitalism for ruining an otherwise perfectly decent novel.

~Would it not be fairer to say the authors ruined the novels? And what the hell does a form of government, namely capitalism, have to do with the interpretation of literature?~

<Brennen> Have you ''read'' AynRand? Further to this point.


What's in your bash history?

For some reason I really appreciated this.

Molly Ivins on Camille Paglia

WebComics: There's no such thing as spiders.

Devotchka: A Mad & Faithful Telling

RobertPlant & AlisonKrauss: RaisingSand

KenyonReview: Interview with Ted Kooser

LeonardCohen, HowToSpeakPoetry


A bunch of William Carlos Williams audio


The Case for Paul Violi

JonahGoldberg: Still an asshat.

TrackingWriters: YehudaAmichai

Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

little boxes


WebComics: kinokofry

WareLogging: highlight.js

vim_use google group

wikisym 2008: call for papers

= march 2008 =

mjd: Suffering from "make install"

Those strange, irretrievable days.


the hater's high five

Early Bill Watterson comics

ct: Thank you Mr Mankiw:

:And then they find themselves at the age of 30, smack bang on the career track of an academic industry which is in general, organised around its economic base, which is the production and retail of plausible arguments for the capitalist system as it exists. Which is not a dishonourable trade, but probably a bit of an anticlimax for someone who dreamed of joining Hari Seldon’s Foundation.

ct: Watchlists, human rights, and judicial politics

I fucking love Penny Arcade.

The Charles Cotton translation of Montaigne

WebComics: Subnormality

Match It For Pratchett

Kansas license plates, 1969 - present

Eric goes off on education and art: 1, 2, 3.

Administrative Debris

This is basically my life right now.

WebComics: The Fart Party

i blame the sea


WebComics: Raising Hell

The design of UTF-8

Yellow Split-Pea Soup

HenriCole: Bats


mix tapes

Public Domain Geocaching Logo, some variants

LanguageLog: Five more thoughts on the that rule

mjd: "Advice to people wishing to become smarter: Get in the habit of assuming that everything is more complex than you imagine."


The Online Directory of Democratic Education

Rodgrigo Y Gabriela

TrackingWriters: Tim Bradford

The GNU Awk User's Guide

JS based code prettification

Unix Toolbox

WareLogging: XSel

VimEditor: SCMDiff

VimEditor: NERD Commenter - The keybindings for this look pretty cool, and it's got an absurdly large set of features.

The (Lack of) Testing Death Spiral

Why functional programming?

PerlLanguage: File::Find

= february 2008 =

pnh: William F. Buckley, dead:

:"The central question that emerges ... is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes—the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race." - William F. Buckley, National Review, August 24, 1957

Hunter S. Thompson on the death of Richard Nixon

Export Control Basics



Snoop, Say it Ain't So:

:I read this and time slowed down. I read this and all that I knew no longer made sense. I read this and a single tear moved from the corner of my eye, down my soft cheek, and dropped onto a picture of Nelly. Was this true? Were these words correct? Could this short article really have said what I think I read? Could Tha Doggfather really be quitting the cheeba?


alt.collecting.pens-pencils (via Google)



The God of Fountain Pens

TrackingWriters: Montaigne

KR on Montaigne

AssHattery: on the virtues of a "mild and tolerant homophobia"

AssHattery: on how Obama is a Scary Negro Communist by Birth, or something like that.

A Subversion repo of the p1k3 archives. I'm going to pull this into darcs soon and merge it with the p1k3::wala stuff. (Just as soon as I finish a first-pass implementation of a literary markup language.)

DannyYee: review of ''Standing Stones: Stonehenge, Carnac and the World of Megaliths''

WilliamStukeley: ''Stonehenge, A temple Restor'd to the British Druids''

Signal Failure

Problems I ain't got.

"It is possible to love everything more than everything else."

The Fountain Pen Network


WebComics: The Abominable Charles Christopher

Buttercup Festival is back.

twas: best of 2007


Fun at the Turing tar pit

Ecodefense: A field guide to monkeywrenching

WareLogging: Kuler

= december 07, january 2008 =

Nukes and Nukemen:

:Big things are expensive, and fine tolerances are expensive. Nukemen have a really bad habit of forgetting this fact. This is why, in general, nuclear projects tend to go over budget in such an extravagant, life-affirming, joyous kind of way. Also, partly because of the ill-informed criticism that they often get from well-meaning crusties, nukemen are constitutionally inclined to always minimise the dangers of radioactive waste. This habit of mind tends to feed off the first one, in a kind of chain reaction; because they are trying to tell the public that most of the waste from a nuclear plant is basically less radioactive than Cornwall, they find it difficult to admit to themselves or the budget committee that you need to spend millions and millions of pounds on building a special facility to deal with the teaspoonful or two of high-grade waste, which tends to fall into the category "Very Very Very Not Safe".

Are We At War With Iran?

MLK: Beyond Vietnam

Whose mind is it anyway?

WebComics: gregnog.com

huge, free gis database (CCL)

list of datasets on the web

theinfo.org - large data sets

Dreamhost accidentally bills $7.5 mil in excess

SusanSontag on Paul Goodman:

:It has never been clear to most people, I think, what an extraordinary figure he was. He could do almost anything, and tried to do almost everything a writer can do. Though his fiction became increasingly didactic and unpoetic, he continued to grow as a poet of considerable and entirely unfashionable sensibility; one day people will discover what a good poetry he wrote. Most of what he said in his essays about people, cities, and the feel of life is true. His so-called amateurism enabled him to bring to the questions of schooling, psychiatry, and citizenship an extraordinary, curmudgeonly accuracy of insight and freedom to envisage practical change.

NaomiKlein, ''TheShockDoctrine''

Anarchism in America

VisualizingThings: reAnimator - visualize regexen in Flash

EdenRobinson, ''MonkeyBeach''

Help Utah Phillips

Song, by Toad - an mp3 blog that I think I like.

The Cook's Thesaurus

WebComics: Wild Toronto (from Rosemary who does BirdAndMoon)


Yegge on essay length




Mike West's Big Book of Songs

Thai personal names





wp: Commonplace:

:Commonplace books (or commonplaces) emerged in the 15th century with the availability of cheap paper for writing, mainly in England. They were a way to compile knowledge, usually by writing information into books. They were essentially scrapbooks filled with items of every kind: medical recipes, quotes, letters, poems, tables of weights and measures, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas. Commonplaces were used by readers, writers, students, and humanists as an aid for remembering useful concepts or facts they had learned. Each commonplace book was unique to its creator's particular interests.

Heat in the kitchen.

Where Rachael Ray Lives


Trail of Dead at Emo's, Oct. '04

Allen Ginsberg lecture on 'expansive poetics' and Whitman

A JoshRitter show recorded Oct. 29 in Austin

Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas

OkkervilRiver have a covers record called GoldenOpportunities up for download.

GeorgeMonbiot: Choose Life

i want a dyke for president

Don't worry, I'll give you a sign. The sign will be that life is awesome.

The Wanderer

Awwwww, fuck. Terry Pratchett:

:I would have liked to keep this one quiet for a little while, but because of upcoming conventions and of course the need to keep my publishers informed, it seems to me unfair to withhold the news. I have been diagnosed with a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer's, which lay behind this year's phantom "stroke".

Ron Paul vs. the New World Order


song for the dumped

the erotic appeal of the Lands End catalog

Debian Administration: using debian system-created user accounts?

rsync: Bug 4793 - link-dest hardlink does not always work well with -o -g -p

Fourmilab's calendar converter

fusepod - mount an iPod as a sanely organized filesystem.

Git on Dreamhost

Mibbit, a fairly clean Ajax IRC client.

PerlSix: Simon Cozens recently on Parrot

BruceSchneier: steal this wifi


SQLite3 error codes

Kcachegrind is the shit.

VimEditor: Align - plugin to do tabular alignment of code, etc.


WareLogging: floret

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