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Link Dump Archive Six

= November 2007 =

What is Lojban?

IdeaLogging: Lost Purposes


kr: The Victorian Conspiracy of Cant:

:What we want to know first about the Victorians is how they got that way. It is almost inconceivable that they were the contemporaries of Baudelaire and Rimbaud. We do not need books to tell us what they thought of themselves; we can always visit our relatives. This is why it is so important to understand the Victorian era. Much, perhaps most, of England and America is still living in it.

wp: Objectivism, Ayn Rand, and homosexuality



Well, you know she's ditching you for real when she puts the apartment up on craigslist.

DFW gets taken apart on linguistics


David Foster Wallace on Edwin Williamson's ''Borges: a life'':

:It is in these claims about personal stuff encoded in the writer's art that the book's real defect lies. In fairness, it's just a pronounced case of a syndrome that seems common to literary biographies, so common that it might point to a design flaw in the whole enterprise. The big problem with ''Borges: A Life'' is that Williamson is an atrocious reader of Borges's work; his interpretations amount to a simplistic, dishonest kind of psychological criticism. You can see why this problem might be intrinsic to the genre.

the purple thistle centre

= technical =

The Perl Review interviews Damian Conway

pm: What is code readability?

rsync snapshot backups

WareLogging: scrying


GNU Talk Filters - jive, dubya, redneck, and many more

An Illustrated Guide to SSH Agent Forwarding

VimEditor, Subversion: svn diff with vim

WareLogging: ack

Know your sysadmin

Xen Networking, Xen Wiki

VimEditor: converting tabs to spaces

XSteve's programming page

VimEditor: Vim color scheme test

WareLogging: msmtp

udev FAQ

= October 2007 =

“I don’t need to know the details.”

Fun with Jesus = Horus lunacy.

DannyYee does not like David Eddings.

The State is the Great Forgetter: Rexroth and Goodman as Antecedents of Cultural Ecology, Political Ecology, and the New Cultural Geography

visual guide to SQL joins

VimEditor, recently:

Pathologically Polymathic - Danny Yee's blog.

scrounge.org: folk computing for the new millenium

WareLogging: glTail.rb

A DBD::SQLite bug I should probably add some detail to.

grep in HOP


perldoc: each

VisualizingThings: git browser

I feel old.


Possibly the lamest Jesus Christ t-shirt of all times.

the refuge


How to use a router with a Comcast modem. Yes, you actually have to copy the MAC address.

AssHattery: on how America deserves special credit for the abolition of slavery

pm: Form Validation and Untainting. Validating Web forms with Perl.

The English-Likeness Monster

Gosh, Tom, it seems so unfair to blame yourself...

Ironic Sans

= September 2007 =

I find it kind of fascinating that the reddit comments attracted only one of this sort of post, while there's an entire Standard Rand Thread over on the news.ycombinator.com one.

TrackingWriters: DeanYoung

kr: The Hasidism of Martin Buber

wp: Harvestman

TrackingWriters: MartinBuber

dy: The Time of Miracles (Borislav Pekic)

Good luck with that one.

All DVCS suck

Some blog posts by Eamon McLoughlin (fiddle, TheGreencards)

PerlLanguage: Imager

TruckstopHoneymoon: Wichita (mp3)

PerlLanguage: Object::Tiny

Missing (from) Links, comments

The Rise of Christian Nationalism

WebComics: Rice Boy

BookLogging: California Digital Library eScholarship Editions

"I believe I have found my métier."

CGI::Application is my new best friend.


WareLogging: lftp

perlmonks: Syntax checking without BEGIN blocks

xkcd speaks truth

R's function call semantics

WareLogging: latexmk


_why on one liners

WebComics: Dresden Codak. Probably the most brilliant thing I've read since discovering PBF.

rationalization of the market

WareLogging: Selenium

Achewood is a profoundly brilliant comic.

WareLogging: TemplateToolkit

pg: Stuff

ThingsWhichSuck: ConstantContact

Colorado Tapers

''A Geography of Poets''



A sort of quasi-bierock out of ramen and canned biscuits.

TheGreencards: ''Viridian'': Much of this stuff is excellent; some of it just sounds too much like AKUS.

mjd: tough questions



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