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Link Dump Archive Three

= september 2006 =

nyt: Rushing Off a Cliff

TextEditors: Velocity UI for Eclipse


CVS Branch and Tag primer

shirky: Ontology is Overrated. So are tags, but there's good thinking in here about organization and the legacy of systems geared to physical objects. Something I took away is that filesystems ''are'' physical structure. I should elaborate.

What's That Bug?

Decentralizing Wikipedia? Very worth a read. ForkingWikipedia? I've been wondering about this for a while. There have got to be ways to address the structural problems.

GCDC - "The only chord progression we know."


:Bad Agile seems for some reason to be embraced by early risers. I think there's some mystical relationship between the personality traits of "wakes up before dawn", "likes static typing but not type inference", "is organized to the point of being anal", "likes team meetings", and "likes Bad Agile". I'm not quite sure what it is, but I see it a lot. ...

:If a process is potentially good, but 90+% of the time smart and well-intentioned people screw it up, then it's a bad process. So they can only say it's the team's fault so many times before it's not really the team's fault.


ng: Ten Years Ago

EmmylouHarris, ''RedDirtGirl'', "MyAntonia".

On Community


"In a mass-market economy, a revolutionary song is any song you choose to sing yourself." -- UtahPhillips

ScorchedEarth remake: Scorched 3D, including a .deb file. Not actually quite as cool as the original, but surprisingly playable.

A Winfield wiki

O'Reilly code search

wp: List of lightweight markup languages

MarkupEngines: reStructured Text

fm: Text Processing::Markup

Taking Children Seriously

Me being a bit of an ass over on reddit.

The argument and instructions for using Usenet as your source of large, legally ambiguous binaries.

TruckstopHoneymoon: Magnolia Tree (mp3)

Front Porch Radio

"at last summer thaws"


c2: weird developer dreams

Maybe the scariest web site splash page of all time.

ALA: fancy css for lists

debian: DebianTricks

= august 2006 =

Snakes on a Plane for the TI-89.

"Well, I have Shepard Krech III of Brown University right here in email."

A somewhat limited grasp of history: "Finally, in 1956, the Hungarians acquiesced, and the communist revolution was complete."

Tubman Free School

This is Megatron.

Characters in the local part of a mail address

Pedagogical abuse:

:The thing about being 12 is that you donít generally have the experience necessary to be able to determine when an adult is being a massive dickhead. Instead, you tend to internalize the criticisms the dickhead makes.

Powers I wish translated better to real life.

Levi on the GRE

I wish this had occurred to me a few years ago.

A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority

leaving a trail


Ask MetaFilter: Porn in the woods

wp: Mikvah

RockyMountainFolksFestival: JeffTweedy, AniDifranco, MartinSexton, GuyClark, KrisKristofferson and AndrewBird this year.

OpenBSD & chrooted apache: 1, 2, 3. On a related note, '''fuck''' OpenBSD.

htpasswd docs

WareLogging: micro_httpd

WebComics: Apropos Bob the Angry Flower.

Some great Bill Watterson stuff.

A Novel Idea

Reasons not to read Oz.

blogging is stupid: possibly true

A tract where Jack Chick sort of insinuates that Islam is an evil plot by the Catholic church.


UNP blog

There's no such thing as eco-tourism

Aristotle's Poetics

Isaac and Dana's Directory of Democratic Education, and the short web version of the list.

Steve Martin plays the banjo (youtube)

Steven Martin plays the banjo with Earl Scruggs (youtube)

GeorgeCarlin: an expanded list of words you can't say (youtube)

SageFrancis: "you're all give me ethnicity or give me dreads"

xkcd: When did we forget our dreams?

WareLogging: All these years later, WindowMaker still rocks my world.

GRRM on airport security (via)

Latex margins & Why is the inside margin so narrow?


Creek Running North: refuting Walt Whitman

CcWiki: A big list of Creative Commons content curators.

Some fairly sound advice re: alcohol.

Moleskines now being produced in China?

WareLogging: Sony GPS tracker for photographers; looks like it may be a clever stopgap hack 'til that point when cameras with built-in GPS are common.

= july 2006 =

FlyingSpaghettiMonster hate mail

Summer squash recipes

D^2 takes on ''Freakonomics''.

PaulGraham on procrastination:

:Good procrastination is avoiding errands to do real work.

:Good in a sense, at least. The people who want you to do the errands won't think it's good. But you probably have to annoy them if you want to get anything done. The mildest seeming people, if they want to do real work, all have a certain degree of ruthlessness when it comes to avoiding errands.


Scorched Earth in 3D.

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse (gmaps)

Tim Bray: No Databases!? - exactly.

Tim Bray's ongoing - I like the design of this.

Public art in Portland.


What is it like to be a spider?

"Dagny fluttered with lust."

SiteSyndication: Perl module to convert named character entities to numeric.


penguin grim reaper (jpg)

New mandola.

OrsonScottCard being considerably less of an asshole than I've come to expect in the last few years.

Why textbooks are uniformly worthless.

SCWM, Pot and the GPL

Krugle - source code search.

Googlebot info - robots.txt and stuff.

Sweet Jesus, I hate Bill O'Reilly - I've gotta give 'em it's a catchy title.

iPaq sub-100

Has This Country Gone Completely Insane?

WebComics: inverz

Tales from the Journey of the Dead, by AlanBoye, just came out. I worked on this book a little. It's good.

Google Maps, the fool's gold of mashups

MappingStuff: Flash Earth - fairly impressive Flash interface to GMaps/MS data.


Damn straight.

gmaps terms of use


Chris Thile's myspace page

chapbook (current state of all files)

Stupid doesn't even begin to cover it.

Levi's Blog - Looking for a tall hispanic male


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