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March 1 2007

<caeb> facepalm

<Brent> This is why I don't trust computerized systems. There's always a flaw that a human would have corrected.

Not that computerized systems don't have their places and advantages. But I don't ''trust'' them.

<Brennen> I'm pretty sure there's a straightforward explanation for there being an error - the address is right, but the shipment might have been marked commercial or for some other reason been sent with a different driver than usual. Since the address only gets you to the set of mailboxes at the bottom of the road, there's no obvious way to tell what house you're going to.

The real problem I see with this is that "correct street number" isn't the proper category for "couldn't find your house", given that they've got the street number. As with any system like this, you've probably just got a limited number of categories and you wedge a given error where it fits best.

But it still struck me as funny.

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last edited March 9, 2007