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Markup Engines

<Brennen> WareLogging. Also LightweightMarkup. Maybe bad terminology; at the moment I'm thinking mostly of stuff you can use for web publishing. Some I know about:

Some of these suck; some suck less.

Useful things:

<Brennen> I think we can safely assert that this represents an unsolved problem of fairly staggering dimensions. YourDocumentIsGoingToDie.

<Alan> I agree. Documents are doomed by the very fact that they don't do anything. People don't use them. They read them. They don't have an interaction with reality, only with idle human brains.

So I'm still working on that wiki markup language. I've been seriously hampered by a few things, namely (a) lack of internet and (b) interesting people who just keep popping up and distracting me. Soon (a) will be taken care of; in the meantime, I'm switching out the shitty cisco aironet that my thinkpad came with for a nicer atheros card. This means I get to update a PnP whitelist in my BIOS! Thanks IBM!

<Brennen> Haven't you had enough agony with that laptop yet?

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last edited July 17, 2007