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October 3 2006

<Stephen> Your resume looks great. But you may want to think about listing some job accomplishments rather than job descriptions in your bullet points.

Also you may want to find some way to also distribute your resume as a word file. Crazy I know, but a lot of people doing hiring either can't (or refuse to) accept pdf's. Although for emailing you could probably just inline it as plain text.

<Brennen> It's a thought, the job accomplishments thing, but resumes are already generally such BS that I've had little motivation to talk about how I demonstrated leadership in hauling boxes around or whatever.

The word file... Eh. I've got it as a .doc, RTF, etc. I got tired of trying to keep the size of bullet points consistent while making changes in Open Office. I'd rather have the canonical version in a text based input format. Also I did this one specifically for printout.

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