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Oral History


= Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War =

280-some interviews, focusing on Rutgers alumni and indexed by names, conflicts, branches of service, etc. A few other documents.

= The Unix Oral History Project =

Interviews with principles in the development of the Unix operating system. Lots of technical terms, not much context, but a treasure trove for those interested in the history of technology and already familiar with the general outlines of the story.

= Computerworld Honors Program International Archives =

= The Science Fiction Oral History Association =

Actual interviews/transcripts don't seem to be available, unfortunately. I'm intrigued by the idea - and by some of the material they appear to have on hand. SF fandom is a rich tradition which would almost certainly provide volumes of archive-worthy material.

= Smithsonian Archives of American Art =

A selection of transcripts and a few sound samples from the Smithsonian's archives. A lot of fascinating looking stuff. Organization could be better.

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