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Sand Box

Play around with markup and suchlike things here.





Indented/quoted text

something then CamelCase


CamelCase on its own line

<Brennen> p1k3.com/#fn1

<Brennen> CamelCase, ThreeWordCamel

<Brennen> dog



WhatEver <- this is problematic.

<Tjabba> A test

Hello world

Multiple lines... Do they have huge spaces between them... MyNewPage


github.com/benbernard/RecordStream <- CamelCase embedded in a URL

some random conversation

<jbwaters> Would it be better to mess with WalaCode or DisplayCode? What is the best way to leave a message for you to ask/discuss some ideas about/with the software?

<jbwaters> Oh yeah, is DisplayCode also public domain?

<Brennen> Hey - Sorry about any confusion here; I need to go around and clean some things up. I'm not working on WalaCode at this point, since I've rolled it into the DisplayCode repository and plan to merge the wiki/blog stuff.

Display is on github - github.com/brennen/display

As to licensing, DisplayCode as a whole is currently under the GPL, partially because it uses some GPLed code from elsewhere.

I keep an eye on the changelog here, but you can also feel free to send a message on github or e-mail me. bbearnes, gmail.

<jbwaters> Ah, ok.. thanks for the reply. I am trying to avoid GPLed code for the most part. What GPLed code does it currently use? Maybe I can find or write a replacement if that lets you change the license.

<Brennen> I think that the only GPLed code currently in the source of Display itself is a few lines to check image sizes on GIFs & JPEGs. I don't even think this gets used if Image::Size is loaded. (Image::Size is based on the same script I originally derived that function from.)

The CPAN modules I'm using are as follows:

These generally (along with most things on the CPAN) seem to be under some minor variant of "same terms as Perl" licensing, which I think I'll probably switch to. Those are spelled out here. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but since I'm planning to throw this up on CPAN eventually, it seems like the appropriate course.

If the Artistic License doesn't answer your needs, and what you're looking for is just a wiki, you could just fork the existing public domain WalaCode (source here). I haven't made many changes to it since rolling it into Display.

I'll also mention this to BrentNewhall, since Wala's originally his baby.

much later...

<Anonymous> Is there any kind of authentication?!?!

<Brennen> Nope, not in the slightest. This is a feature.

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