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September 29 2005

<Molly> what a nice portrait of Norbert. Thanks for the...uh...plug.

:<Brennen> You're welcome.

<Molly> dude, why am I logged in as you? Sorry...~Molly

<Anonymous> Dear Brennen,

Just found your website. Like the education essay posted in August. You are essentially describing a european form of graduate school for children. I would be interested to see the results.

<Brennen> Well, I have a couple of guesses - e-mail me?

<Anonymous> Read any good books lately? ;)


<Brennen> Cory. What's up, man? Where the hell are you at?

In answer to your question, lesse... A little RainerMariaRilke, a little KennethRexroth, some alt ed stuff. Meaning to pick up the new NeilGaiman and the new JaredDiamond one of these days. How about yourself?

<CAEB> Love this.

<Anonymous> Brennen,

Just dropped you an e-mail last night. Hopefully you received it. I'll have to look into some the authors which you've linked. I've read Jared Diamond. His books are appealing but he tends to oversimplify things. The science which he references is sometimes questionable.

I won't take up this whole message board with banter. My e-mail is obscured to avoid spambots and feel free to write when you can. <Brennen> Agreed about Diamond, I suppose - I loved ''Guns, Germs, etc.'' for the sheer scope of the thing and the breadth of his cross-disciplinary milking of sources, but some of his specifics are almost certainly off. I don't think it invalidates what he's doing, but scepticism is always warranted. Anyway, got your e-mail. Thanks again for getting in touch.

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