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September 9 2007

<Anonymous> indeed, this be the human condition.

<Brent> Huh. When I'm doing something that I'll regret, I may feel all sorts of things, but I usually don't feel ''happy''. I'm happy when I'm doing things that I know will work out.

<Brennen> Which probably illustrates the fundamental difference between thee and me...

<Anonymous> I am not your cool yellow cat. I am Molly. why won't my computer work?

<Stephen> Oh man, things that you know you'll regret are the best. I'm gonna regret this in the morning (shot). Worth it!

<Brennen> Molly: I am trying to figure this one out. Are you using Safari on a Macintosh, by any chance?

<Brennen> ...I think it's just not saving the cookie that holds the name. Maybe your privacy settings have it not accepting cookies from p1k3.com? That or I have a cookie-storage bug to fix.

<Anonymous> Do you honestly think I know how to use a Mac? My privacy setting for cookies is set to allow all of them...let's try it again...

<Anonymous> mmmm..nope. das ist nicht wunderbar.

<Stephen> I often use Safari on my macs and have no trouble with p1k3's cookie. My cookie setting:

Safari->Preferences->Security->Accept Cookies: 'Only from sites you navigate to'

<Stephen> The more I think on it, doing the things I ''might'' regret are the best.

<Brennen> The Safari thing was a false lead - I was getting some weird behavior from it earlier, but I'm pretty sure it went away once I started redirecting after a POST. I should probably see if what I'm doing to set cookies might break IE in some weird corner case. (Somehow I would not be shocked.)

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