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Site Syndication

<Brennen> Brent asked me to provide an RSS feed for p1k3.com, so I'm reading a bit about the format (or formats, as it turns out - there are at least 7 of them) with a view to producing a simple feed out of the "new" updates that normally go on the front page.

much later...

(image) p1k3 now offers a more or less functional AtomSpecification feed at p1k3.com/feed. It's a dirty and profoundly incorrect repurposing of previously existing CGI, but it validates and works as a live bookmark in MozillaFirefox.

Here is a Perl module to convert named character entities to numeric (MathML::Entities). This is a useful fix if you're just dumping XHTML into an XML feed format where named entities will cause validators & parsers to choke.

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last edited November 13, 2011