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Wala Code


I'm actually in the process of moving this stuff into DisplayCode. Please see github.com/brennen/display

This is a modified version of Brent's Wala script, which is in the public domain. The canonical site for public versions of the Wala source code is now walawiki.org. Feel free to ask for help here.




<metoo> Hi,

I tried to setup this software on omnihttp (for testing); seems to be necessary to adapt the $ENV for right work. Do someone tried to setup this on a Mac 68k?


<Brennen> I haven't. I'm not sure whether it'd work or not - it's mostly pretty simple Perl, but it might have some unmet dependencies. What OS are you running?

<metoo> Hi, sorry for late answer; I've stopped this Mac68k-project and setup a ThinClient with puppylinux and hiawatha, with perl 5.8.8. I tried to setup Wala,too, but got this error while saving: "Insecure dependency in `` while running setuid at /../Wala.pm line 937".

-->937: $the_diff = diff pages/temp pages/$pagename;

hm, user is "root" and group is "nobody". Directories are 755... There is a file named temp with my input, but still no saving.

What's going wrong? sorry, I'm not a programmer :| Thx

<Brennen> I haven't looked at it in quite a while, but it occurs to me that the code up on walawiki.org (I'm guessing that's where you got a copy?) is both old and probably not very safe to run in public. That line is definitely a security vulnerability, and I know I fixed it, at least sort of, at some point.

The version I maintain, and the one that's running here, is actually in this repository. I think it would probably run under a Perl that old, but I can't really promise anything, and it relies on a couple of modules that might not.

Sorry about the confusion. I'll try to update walawiki.org, and maybe put together some sort of easy install instructions for the newer version of the code.

<metoo> ok, I download Your last files from github, but no luck. I got now a time out-error :( I try to update modules, too. And I found the line with " my $diffdir = $self->DiffDir . "/$pagename"; mkdir $diffdir, 0777" again in the actual script... well, I'll try to fix the old script from BoLeuf on my ThinClient. It works almost fine, have some issues with "html-viewing" after saving, Maybe its a problem from new web-browsers, I dont know...

<Brennen> That's different code, though I wouldn't be surprised if taint mode Perl had issues with it as well, and that 0777 is downright terrifying. And then, like I said, no promises about anything running under a 7 year old release of the language.

Anyhow, best of luck.

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last edited June 13, 2013