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Why wiki works

<Brennen> This page is very old and reflects my thinking before I had used wiki much. It is here as an archival object. That said, I still agree with most of the intent.

Wiki works because most of its attributes support each other. Wiki works because it is simple. Wiki works because it's imperfect.

Wiki works when you realize two things: NothingIsSacred and EverythingIsSacred. You can create anything here, and you can destroy anything here. Go ahead. (Except: Preserve discussions between users. We want those.) That's the point. It's supposed to be messy. Just remember the corollary: It's all worth something.

This wiki (see WalaCode for software info) is sort of a special case, since I'm using it both as comment software for my weblog and as a general tracking system for ideas and objects. (See KnowItExists.)

Some recommended practices:

what to do

what NOT to do

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last edited November 13, 2011