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WareLogging, FileTransfer, an FTP client. Useful in situations where sane/secure alternatives such as scp are unavailable - won't protect you from the follies of plaintext, but at least it ameliorates the interface pain of plain-jane FTP.

= mirroring local directories =

In a pinch, this works nicely from within lftp:

mirror -x regex_to_exclude -R ./directory ./remote_directory

The -R reverses the normal behavior of mirroring a remote directory to a local one.

= recursively remove directories with lftp =

If you're having a hard time recursively deleting directories with lftp, they might contain dotfiles that aren't visible to the client by default. Edit or create ~/.lftp/rc, and add this:

set ftp:list-options -a

You should then be able to do

rm -r dirname


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last edited August 28, 2007