Wednesday, November 18, 18:37 CST
Well, I'm back. I know you're all thrilled. ;)

I finally got my new hard drive about a week ago, a 6 gig Quantum Bigfoot TX ordered from Necx. After a relatively easy installation, my computer is once again up and running.

For the moment I'm running Win95/DOS, but I ordered a couple of Linux distribution CD's (Red Hat 5.2 and Debian 2.0) over at Linux Central, so I should be running Linux before too long. I'm also thinking of giving FreeBSD a try... It's great to have this kind of choice.

Speaking of choice, I've been using the latest beta release of Opera 3.5 as my sole web browser since I got my computer running. Although it's a beta, it seems more stable and far less prone to random glitches/hangs than previous versions. They've managed to implement most of CSS 1 and get Java working (through a plug-in). And it still fits on a single floppy. IMHO, Opera is easily the best browser currently available for Windows.

The latest episode of Daemonsong, 201, has been out for a while. This show keeps improving, and I'm proud to be a part of it, however small. (Oh yeah, and the staff promises no more 4 month waits between episodes. Well... Maybe "promise" is too strong a word, but we're going to try.)

I'm going to do my best to resume regular updates to this page, and as soon as I get a decent sized chunk of free time, I'm planning to do some major work on the whole site.

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