Saturday, May 2
I've been lurking for a while on alt.ascii-art, and I finally decided to try doing some of my own (ASCII art, that is). If you're looking for some good ASCII, try Joan Stark's Home Page, where you'll find some of the best ASCII art around, and plenty of good links.

Here's a list of links to stuff I've read lately and thought I should pass on to my loyal reader(s).

  • DrMarcus has written a cool #World'sEndTavern story.
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a well written analysis of the Linux development model.
  • There've been a number of Dear Mynx columns since the last time I mentioned it.
  • Actually, some of the stuff on this page is just frightening...

It being May, I moved all of the April updates to the older updates page.

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