Saturday, June 6, 0:30 CDT
I picked up a copy of Ultimate Doom off a bargain bin the other day. I've discovered I'm still as bad at the game as I remembered, but it does bring back some pleasant memories. Anyway, since id released the Doom source code a while back, people have been releasing versions with added features and optimizations. Stuff like mlook, SVGA, 32 player support, translucency, .mp3 and CD music...

Among the best of these ports are DOSDoom, and Doom LEGAGY. A lot of good info can be found at DoomWorld, where you can also find links to Win32, Linux, and Amiga ports.

If you've got a copy of the game gathering dust somewhere, it's definitely worth loading up again. This is Doom as it was meant to be played: at 640x480, with mlook on, and your favorite deathmatch music playing in the background.

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