Tuesday, October 12, 0:39 CDT
Well, this has been a waste of a day. If I had the energy, I might complain at some length.

Rented Pushing Tin Friday. Decent flick, I guess, though it could've been quite a bit better. Still haven't made it back to see American Beauty again. This week, maybe.

I may've mentioned this before, but tomsrtbt is cool. It's a single-floppy Linux distribution with a *lot* of functionality. Aside from being a cool toy, it can be an impressively useful tool.

Using tomsrtbt and an external Zip drive, I managed to get the Debian base system installed on that old IBM. Now all I need to do is coax the ethernet card into actually working, and download some stuff... Ok, so this has probably become more work than it's worth, but it's the principle of the thing.

I bought Sailing to Sarantium, Guy G. Kay's latest book, yesterday. I think I can hear it calling me. Time to go read until sleep deprivation really sets in...

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