Wednesday, October 13, 23:50 CDT
There was a recent /. piece about The Big U, by Neal Stephenson. I gather it was published back in the early 80's, and sort of disappeared not long thereafter. It's Stephenson's first novel, and apparently not one he's very proud of, but still I've been wanting to read it for quite a while. There were a lot of suggestions to try inter-library loan, and I figured it was worth the effort of asking... Amazingly enough, a copy actually showed up today as I was dozing through Physics. Brightened my whole day.

The directory w/ what few images I use on this site seems to have died at some point, and I find myself without a backup (had everything else locally, but not imgs/). Not a huge loss, really. I should take it as an opportunity to start fresh with a few things - maybe switch to PNG's, for example. Of course, browser support for the format is pretty much abysmal...

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