Sunday, May 9, 17:58 CDT
I finished A Song for Arbonne, by Guy Gavriel Kay, the other day. It's an excellent book by any standard I can think of, though (for me) it falls a bit short of Tigana and The Lions of Al-Rassan.

Well, the hype is ramping up to epic proportions. Everyone from Time to Popular Mechanics is running an Episode One cover. The merchandise will soon be impossible to escape. The first reviews are starting to roll in (see AICN). The backlash to follow is, of course, inevitable.

Nope, it ain't gonna be the greatest film of all time. Considering that it's probably the most anticipated in history, it can't help but be a letdown for huge numbers of people. Me included, in all likelihood.

I think that perhaps I'll just ignore the critics and the hype alike, from here on out, and just wait for the movie... 10 more days...

And it's looking like it's beginning to storm outside, so perhaps I'll just cut this update short.

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