Sunday, June 6, 23:11 CDT
(Me: Hi, my name is Brennen. And I... I'm a media junkie.

Group: Hi Brennen!)

Saw Episode One again last Thursday. Also saw The Mummy, which is moderately entertaining fluff at best, and a waste of material. A few good one liners and a couple of really cool effects shots, though. Go figure. Saturday night, I rented Primary Colors with a couple of friends. Quite good, if rather depressing.

Earlier this afternoon, I went to see Episode One a fourth time. Interesting to note that there was a bigger crowd at the theater, on a Sunday afternoon, than's usually there on a Friday evening.

One of the few reasons I still have a Windows partition... I see mIRC v5.6 is out. A few minutes messing around with it didn't reveal any drastic changes, but I haven't really looked over versions.txt.

I've been using Midnight Commander, a textmode file manager for Unix, lately. It's got a decent little built in viewer and editor, along with an integrated command line and good mouse support. In some ways it reminds me of List, an old DOS file viewer that I got a huge amount of use out of... Great little prog. I should find a link to it...

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