Sunday, October 29, 22:15 CST
Ok, so it's a mostly functional Opera beta. Nice, but there are a couple of bugs and ommissions that need obvious work. Then there's its tendency to occasionally freeze up not just its own window, but pretty much the entire X session for a while, especially when dealing with large images (and maybe large pages in general?). I'm not sure if it's just hammering the processor so much that everything slows to a crawl or what... Though come to think of it, Opera for Windows does sometimes do something similar when switching between a number of large files (unlike most browsers, Opera opens pages as sub-windows instead of using the one-page-one-window approach).

Still, it *is* a beta, and they're getting very, very close.

Meanwhile, I understand Mozilla continues to approach usability, though I suspect it will forever be beyond the capabilities of my present computer.

(A few minutes pass as I grab milestone 18 and fire it up...)

Wow. To all appearances, this is something like a very usable browser. The layout engine is certainly up to snuff, and though it's sluggish on my machine, I note a marked improvement over its performance the last time I gave it a try. I begin to think that perhaps things are looking up. (Of course, it did just sort of freeze up, and my loadmeter is skyrocketing...

Meanwhile, I saw both Legend of Drunken Master and Princess Mononoke, along with buying Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass. But I think I'll wait to talk about that 'til tomorrow. Right now, it occurs to me there are notes I should be poring over for a history test tomorrow...

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