Saturday, October 7, 14:11 CDT
Well, I said it might be a while.

I just posted my review of A Storm of Swords. Said book being the principle reason I haven't spent much time online lately.

I just stumbled across what must be a fairly recent development - Bright Weavings is Guy G. Kay's authorized site, and definitely one of the better author's sites I've come across. All sorts of interesting content, and a very nice design (including one of maybe 3 worthwhile uses of JavaScript I've ever come across). If you've never heard of Kay or felt motivated to read his stuff, it's still well worth a visit - you might just be convinced.

(Robert J. Sawyer's, though of a somewhat different character and not quite as well designed (frames... *shudder*), also comes to mind as an author's site with a ton of interesting content.)

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