Wednesday, March 8, 22:50 CST
Sleep? Who needs sleep?

I read Idoru, by William Gibson, Monday night. Worth a read, but I don't think it's in the same league as Neuromancer or Count Zero. Interesting ideas, and some very cool stuff, but not always that well expressed. After 300 pages or so, I got the feeling that I really ought to have more of a clue what was going on, in some kind of depth. Or at least the sense that a payoff was on the way. The last 80 pages didn't do much to change that feeling. More atmosphere would've helped, or less of a sense that Gibson was faking it in terms of tech stuff.

(What's it about? Well, there's a massively famous band, one of whose members wants to marry an artificially created Japanese pop star, a member of the band's fan club named Chia Pet McKenzie sent to Japan to check out the rumors, and a guy named Laney who has an intuitive ability to sense patterns in massive amounts of information... That doesn't tell you much. It *is* worth reading.)

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