Wednesday, June 28, 16:18 CDT
Well, I posted what I wrote Sunday (see below) before spending hours talking to Brent/Gurney and Eric/Saalon, and really getting all nice and sleep deprived. We talked seriously about getting together on the 7th, but it looks like that's not going to happen. One of these days, though...

I finished reading Litany of the Long Sun, but I kind of hesitate to say much about it since I get the feeling there's a lot I'm missing, not having read Book of the New Sun. Then again, it could just be because both books that make up this volume are intentionally utterly confusing. They're good enough, at any rate, that I think I'm going to track down Book of the New Sun, and start there. Then come back and read the last two in this series. Assuming they're not out of print and impossible to find.

I'm pretty sure there's something I should be doing, other than sitting here. Guess I'll go try to figure out what that might be.

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