Saturday, August 12, 16:11 CDT
Just got off the phone with Brent and Eric... Effective conversation - voice is just more efficient in a lot of ways, but at the same time I realize why I like IRC so much for this sort of thing: You don't have to worry about *hearing* anyone with text. Or interrupting them.

Looks like I'm leaving tomorrow for a somewhat badly scheduled family reunion at Mahoney State Park (wow, is that ever a badly designed site... What sane reason is there for using 6 frames on a page and failing to provide any alternative?).

Finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo. *Excellent*.

Saw Hollow Man last night. I'll never get those hours back, but at least I didn't pay for it.

I suspect this will be my last update for a while. Could be wrong, but if not I'll probably be in a dorm room (Morey hall, for anyone else who's going to WSC) and on a network by the time I get around to doing anything with this page again.

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