Wednesday, September 13, 21:11 CDT
Just finished reading The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman. Um, wow. This trilogy (His Dark Materials) is going places I never expected... Which in this case is good. *This* is the sort of thing fantasy should be doing.

(Some thoughts on fantasy, if I haven't linked to this before: Beating a Dead Horse: elvesndwarves)

Wednesday, September 13, 18:46 CDT
"Hmm... we're the de-facto gateway between Usenet, essentially the truest surviving bastion of the Old Net and an unbelievably rich stream of diverse and in-depth content, and the Web, essentially the closest thing the Internet has to a unified interface and the only part of it familiar to millions of users... How can we best capitalize on this?"

"I know! Let's obscure all connection to Usenet, drop the part of our name that gives it any meaning, and become a portal site! We can be about, um, e-commerce!"

"I like it! Now we just need a slogan..."

"I've got it... 'We help you decide what products to buy and where to buy them.'"

"Yes! Let's do this, people!"

(Ok, to be fair, they do have a more direct Usenet service up at these days. I wonder if intelligence might one day prevail and see them change their focus again... [Addendum: Considering that their massive archives of everything prior to 1999 are still missing, it seems unlikely. Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to make decisions like this.])

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