Saturday, September 9, 18:15 CDT
Just watched Nebraska beat Notre Dame... All sorts of fun, football nut that I am. ;)

Actually, that was way too close a game. Especially for my er, excessively tense room mate.

S'pose I could start following this stuff, just so as not to stare blankly ahead whenever someone mentions a score, ranking, or statistic.

Just uploaded a brief, badly written review of Hollow Man to POV.

Saturday, September 9, 11:17 CDT
You'd think it'd be easy enough to update this on a daily basis. Oh well.

Finally moved some old updates off this page. I should really break that down by month and automate it somehow or another. A 70k file with 8 months worth of updates is probably not especially good design.

I went to a highschool football game in Laurel last night... First game they've played on the new (I don't even want to speculate on how expensive) field (complete with track, bleachers, press boxes, big lights, and insufficient parking). It was depressing as hell, for some reason.

Read a little bit of The Decameron for a topics in lit class.

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