Tuesday, January 9, 20:09 CST
Ok, so I got out of the habit of updating.

Classes so far have been fairly uneventful.

I neglected to mention some of the media I consumed over vacation...

I saw All the Pretty Horses Saturday, and... Well, I'm not quite sure what to think. I know I liked it, but I'm really unsure how to review it. I've since heard that the original cut of the film was something like 4 hours long, which goes a long ways towards explaining why the released version seemed lacking. Think I'll hold off on writing more 'til I can watch it on DVD, hopefully in something much closer to its original form.

I got around to reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was lots of fun, if flawed in predictable ways.

Some Harry Potter backlash is, of course, inevitable - and from the perspective of someone who regularly watches much, much better books languish in obscurity, it's understandable. But...

My mom is the kind of person whose last reading of fiction was when she was still reading to her kids on a regular basis. The other day, she proudly informed me that she'd finished the second Harry Potter book. Heap on all the scorn you like, that's worth something.

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