Thursday, December 13, 14:24 CST

It's December the 13th. The semester is over. It hasn't really snowed yet. I have no idea where to go from here, but then I never really do.

chaotic snippets

I'm done for the semester, as of 10:30 this morning. It's a relief, of sorts. I have every intention of checking out of the dorm and striking out homeward (the 20-some odd mile journey is fraught with a deceptive amount of peril, really) by 4:00. It's not likely to happen.

Eric is cranking stuff out at a rate that frightens me. Subthoughts:

  • Byzantine history is a fascinating subject. Why don't I know more of it?
  • I don't really think Piro's Megatokyo whining is that bad. Yes, it is in point of fact somewhat repetitive and annoying. However: I don't think it's realistic to expect Piro's actual performance to change. Megatokyo's probably going to continue to progress at its current rate, filler and all. That's the nature of such projects. As long as it moves forward in an entertaining fashion, slowly or no, I'll check back once in a while. What would be a reasonable expectation would be for Piro to stop whining and simply do the strip when he can, acknowledging his progress for what it is.
  • You know, it's possible I'd feel differently if it weren't for filler content like the Berke Breathed tribute, which is considerable improvement over the bloody stick figures.
  • A further thought: What's true of Megatokyo is just as true of this site, frex. If you ever see another bit of whinging here about how I really meant to update, or I'm going to post a lot tomorrow to make up for whatever, or... Well, just shoot me. Talking about your personal obsessive web project (blog, journal, comic, overdesigned massively egotistical cry for true love [or at least the chance to get laid more often] with angsty poetry, whatever) being badly in need of an update is the early 21st Century's equivalent of the cute Under Construction .gif, only more pervasive and screamingly self-evident.

[under construction]

The above may well have constituted, strictly speaking, an abuse of the HTML list element. Whole paragraphs, after all, are not exactly small items such as normally fit on bulleted lists. Or are they? Subthoughts:

  • Does it actually matter? I doubt it. This works pretty well for me, and far more grievous mangling of the language abounds.
  • Why the heck don't more people use list elements?
  • I suppose I'll have to do some more research into this one. Not lists. That'd be a tad pedantic. HTML and document formats in general. Lately I'm developing a renewed sense of interest in the web and Usenet and their historical antecedents and interactions...

This last item is because, well, I'm a tech geek - and sooner or later, these things always draw me back into their flashing, whirring, clickety textual embrace. It's odd - I'm closer now than I've ever been to total techie burnout, and experiencing kind of an odd rebirth of interest and understanding. Maybe it's like that sort of peaceful quiet buzzing weird you get after you've been awake for better than 24 hours, just before your body completely stops responding to your commands and drags you down into sleep. What the hell am I talking about, anyway?

Mozilla does tabbed browsing now! When did this happen? And why not sooner? Tabs are perhaps the most obnoxious GUI construct on the face of the earth for many dialogs , but for multiple documents/channels/whatever within a single window, they're at least a very functional hack.

  • When tabs suck: Most Windows configuration dialogs since roughly 1995. Unreal Tournament's whacky tabbed GUI. (Or am I thinking of some other FPS?) Apple's horribly crippling At Ease network login / shell thingy.
  • When they don't: Versions of mIRC since just after I started using it. Other examples beyond the new-to-me Mozilla feature must exist, but don't exactly leap to mind.

You know, I think I disagree pretty strongly with Joel Spolsky about things. I'm not entirely sure what things, but things. There's the rewriting Netscape from scratch was a horrible idea thing, which I seem to remember taking issue with. Not so much because it's entirely wrong in practical terms as, well... Have you used a version of Netscape later than 3.01 Gold and earlier than the Mozilla based releases lately? Let's face it: pre-Mozilla Netscape reached, at some point, a level of deep suckage.

This response to a message by Dave Winer, in the context of a larger argument which I have not bothered to pay excessive attention to, says many things with which I agree. Dave Winer, I think, says many things with which I disagree, or with which I feel that I probably ought to disagree just because of the way they're said. This is not to say that, frex, isn't pretty nifty.

This brings me to linux-elitists, an archived mailing list that sucked me in for a good hour or so last night. From the title, one might gauge a certain set of prejudices inherent in the list's membership. One would, if anything, probably underestimate the magnitude of said prejudices. They happen, however, to be ones which I share to an extent that makes me feel like it's interesting reading.

I would be remiss if I did not point to Google's announcement of their newly much expanded Usenet archive, which contains pointers to all kinds of fascinating historicity. I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably never contribute anything of significant worth to Usenet, but it continues to fascinate me as something observed sporadically from a distance, lurking.

GKrellM is a great system monitoring tool for Linux (and I would suppose other Unix-like) systems running X. Which is to say it's a really cool set of blinking lights, even if less than completely necessary. If you're the sort of person who gripes about dashboards without useful gauges and a surfeit of idiot lights, you would probably love this thing. It's also got like a billion different themes, some of which are pleasantly festive. I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye and thinking of that useless little Windows toy that drew tiny red Christmas lights blinking around the edges of your desktop.

music snippets - I'd be lying if I said I didn't have designs on you

I know what: Have a somewhat annotated version of my playlist from last night, along with my ego-driven assumption that someone reading this might, in fact, care.

mp3/getupkids/the get up kids - don't hate me.mp3
mp3/h/Hollies - Long Cool Woman.mp3
mp3/h/[Hey Mercedes] - Eleven to Your Seven.mp3
mp3/o/old 97's - rollerskate skinny.mp3
mp3/olp/our lady peace - 4 am (acoustic live - i & i).mp3
  • Canada rules.
mp3/r/Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated.mp3
mp3/r/reel big fish - i hate you, fuck you, leave me alone.mp3
mp3/y/pete yorn - New Enough To Know Nothing At All.mp3
mp3/y/pete yorn - Panic (live acoustic).mp3
mp3/s/[Starlite Mints] - Valerie Flames.mp3
mp3/s/social distortion - ball & chain.mp3
mp3/m/Sarah Mclachlan With Phish And Neil Young - Four Strong Winds.mp3
  • Ok, I *know* that's Neil Young. But how do I tell about Phish and... Aww, forget it.
mp3/s/The Sea and Cake - Jacking The Ball.mp3
mp3/pixies/Pixies - All Over the World.mp3
mp3/m/Matthew Good Band - The Future Is X-rated.mp3
  • Canada. Rules.
mp3/t/third eye blind - leaving on a jet plane (live john denver cover).mp3
mp3/k/the kgb - Free Maryjane.mp3
  • Currently my favorite weed song.
mp3/l/[Lemon Jelly] - The Staunton Lick.mp3
mp3/pixies/pixies - there goes my gun.mp3
mp3/pixies/The Pixies - Caribou.mp3
mp3/pedro/pedro the lion - of minor prophets and their prostitute wives.mp3
mp3/m/Might Mighty Bosstones - The Impression that I Get.mp3
mp3/f/Feeder - Seven Days In The Sun.mp3
mp3/r/[Reindeer Section] - If Everything Fell Quiet.mp3
mp3/r/[restiform bodies] - 3rd Reel Judy Garland.mp3
mp3/pedro/pedro the lion - of minor prophets and their prostitute wives.mp3
mp3/b/[The Blood Group] - Odin.mp3
mp3/blur/blur - music is my radar.mp3
mp3/o/old 97's - Designs on You.mp3
  • Sounds suspiciously like country, or what music calling itself country should sound like, or something.
mp3/eels/Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy - 04 - I Like Birds.mp3
mp3/dispatch/dispatch - Silent Steeples.mp3
mp3/pogues/the pogues - if i should fall from grace with god.mp3
mp3/o/old 97's - stoned.mp3
mp3/o/old 97's - rollerskate skinny.mp3
mp3/m/Sarah Mclachlan With Phish And Neil Young - Four Strong Winds.mp3
mp3/john_denver/John Denver - Country Roads.mp3
  • Check out; the audio-video section has a regularly changing set of mp3's on offer. They opened the show we went to with The Dawn a few days before this version was recorded.
mp3/weezer/weezer - why bother.mp3
mp3/s&g/simon and garfunkle - cecilia.mp3
mp3/s&g/simon and garfunkle - i am a rock.mp3
mp3/dispatch/dispatch - elias.mp3
mp3/beulah/beulah - emma blowgun's last stand.mp3
mp3/beulah/beulah - calm go the wild seas.mp3
  • When Your Heartstrings Break is probably the best pop album I've ever purchased. I'm not saying it's complete incandescent genius music, but it's pretty good. And it was like all of ten bucks from Sugarfree. Would that the music industry at large worked this way. Or at least that a group like Beulah got the recognition they deserve.

I think I need to stop now. It's 5:41, a time that bears no relationship to the datestamp on this update. I'm going home.

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