Monday, April 23, 23:53 CDT
I'll bet you thought I wasn't going to update this today.

Well, you were wrong.

So I'm still sitting here running Windows 98, the World's Most Utterly Mediocre Operating System, having resigned myself to it for the remaining week that I actually have network access here. You use a lot of telnet sessions and cygwin shells, it's semi-tolerable. And hey - it does run Black & White.

Next year, this dorm'll be on Ethernet instead of Token Ring. Which means I'll have network access under Linux with about 5 seconds of fiddling - and on top of that, I can buy a cheap ethernet card and not worry about turning my baby here over to Network Services to have one installed.

I bought Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti the other day. It's a double album, including seven tracks of more than 5 minutes in length. We're talking a lot of material here, little of it besides Kashmir heard in radio circulation, or much of anywhere else for that matter.

This is Good Stuff. The kind you listen to straight through, stopping only long enough to change CD's. Which is not to say that it leaps out and grabs hold of you immediately. Aside from Kashmir, Houses of the Holy, and the beautiful little acoustic piece Bron-Yr-Aur, it's all taking me a while to get used to. But then that was true of II, III, and Presence, all of which I now listen to in fairly heavy rotation. Still need to get Led Zeppelin I and Coda, after which I think I'll have all the studio albums...

Also got The Who BBC Sessions, the second half of which (at least) pretty much kicks ass.

I here repeat my assertion that web comics will be the salvation of the medium, even as newspaper comics pages continue their slow but steady journey towards complete mediocrity (we'll just forget that I probably mentioned User Friendly) Further, I offer actual evidence that I might just be right:

And, on a tangentially related note (related because I noticed this link over on Penny Arcade), check out Armagetron, the spiffiest lightcycles clone I've ever seen (think Tron).

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