Wednesday, June 20, 17:23 CDT

I finished Louis L'amour's Education of a Wandering Man Monday evening. I've been trying to write a review, but it's not quite finished yet... In short, though, I enjoyed it quite a bit, think I even learned from it.

Finished Endymion, by Dan Simmons, earlier today. Good enough - and totally unresolved enough - that I'll likely keep reading the series. I do have to give Simmons credit for varying the narrative structure and style of the books, from his beginning with Hyperion's Canterbury Tales style frame story and embedded travellers' tales. Granted that they're trending towards something more conventional (well, conventional for somewhat literary science-fantasy space opera), but at least it's variation.

I took a topics in literature class last semester which, at the time, was pure torture to sit through. Uninterested students just passing time, teacher trying desperately to accomplish something, lots of long, painful silences. You know the drill. But in retrospect... I still hated it, and if I'd known what I was in for, I'd never have taken the class.

I think I did learn a few things, though. Stuff about narrative and storytelling structure, at least a little bit about works like the Decameron. All of which would be a lot more fascinating to me if it weren't surrounded by so much critical and academic BS, but then I guess there's nothing that says I can't just read the stuff and come to my own conclusions...

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