Tue Dec 10 19:27:59 CST 2002

all right, it works now.
and i am going to walk away and leave it alone.

i had forgotten
what involvement with even a simple piece of code does to my brain
gets in there and spreads to lurk in every dark corner it can find
until i'm daydreaming the stuff and constantly itching to mess with it
like the early stages of some kind of chemical dependency
junkies have needle tracks
hackers get RSI

if i were exceptionally (or even reasonably)
good at this sort of thing
it wouldn't bother me
but i'm not

so i think, on the whole, that the cost is too high
for something that i'm not going to be great at.

most of the time
i'd rather have other things lurking in the dark corners of my brain

Tue Dec 10 16:17:43 CST 2002

Ok, so I lied. I wrote more Perl. Just to demonstrate that I have in fact been doing something, here's the current display.pm (390 lines, 13.2k). Its functionality is nearly identical to the previous version, but the code is harder to understand and the comments are less accurate.

No matter how much simpler you think recursion will make things, you're wrong.

tags: topics/perl, topics/poem, topics/technical, topics/wrt

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