friday, september 27, 0:26 cdt

the tango should not be that hard.

maybe it should be
but five or six simple steps?

at an angle

something like that
it's not that complicated
although falling off your feet
does not help

while i cannot say 'i danced'
i tried

(yoda can bite me)

think i'll try again.

to treat of things musical

listening to this midi file
of the cranberries' "zombie"
reminds me what a good song it actually is

grant lee buffalo toured with the cranberries once,
i think

jubilee is a great album
or at the least a very good one
i ought to be careful throwing words like great
at everything i like

or should i?
what if life's just too short for moderate enthusiasms?

tags: topics/poem

p1k3 / 2002 / 9 / 27