Sat Jan 11 11:30:30 CST 2003

Just for kicks, here's the latest version of the p1k3 display script (with a .txt extension this time around). The comments should be a little more helpful on this one, and everything should actually do what it's supposed to.

It'd still be difficult–to–impossible for anyone else to use the ugly little beast, but I'll get it there.

While we're on an HTML kick, I've just noticed a couple of tricks, at least for those of us anachronistic enough to be writing this stuff in a text editor.

I have an irrational fondness for slapping long strings of words together with dashes, like the difficult–to–impossible earlier. This works ok when you know how it's going to be displayed, but it can do ugly things to word wrapping on a web page, since it's treated as a single word. Unless you replace those literal -'s with an – or — entity, like:


Which seems to word wrap, at least in some browsers.

The other thing is that you can insert a title="..." title attribute in pretty much any element, which is a useful way to go around creating little tooltips that graphical browsers will display on a mouseover.

more: display.txt

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