Thursday, February 19 (retrospectively)

Armand over at Moleskinerie asked if he could re-post yesterday's notebook ramblings. A sure sign, I suppose, that at least one person read them.

Tonight I am going to Omaha, and Jeremy and I will go to the Joslyn in order to sit in the balcony while Matt Ward, Jim James, Conor Oberst, and Mike Mogis play and sing. I will try to make sketches, but will find myself too removed from the stage to get much sense of detail, and too inept to capture anything that is particular rather than generic about the small figures with guitars. Except perhaps for M. Ward's hat - it is clear that he is wearing a hat. Eventually I will put the pencil away and just listen; the better decision.

M. Ward

Later we will go to an apartment where everyone I don't know is a married pharmacy student, or married to a pharmacy student. I will sit quietly and drink my beer, but slowly, because I am driving.

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